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Thursday, July 27, 2006
I just call to say I love you
Last 2 days ago, I received a missed called from home. I was at shower at the time. Soon as I discover the missed call, I was worried. Did something bad happened? Or did certain letter received? Usually my mother do not call me unless it's an emergency, and I do not call home unless I wanted some money (!). About 10 minutes later, the phone rang again, and it's my mom. I ask her what's up? I was relieved that she just call to say hi. Aww.. how sweet. I was moved actually to hear my mom's voice. Let me just say it's been a while since I last hear her voice. I totally miss my family very much.

Yesterday was quite an ok training day for me. The coach lined up 6 rows of cones, and then 6 players will drible the ball around the cones and hit simultenously to goal, where I was guarding. I was able to clear almost of the ball, and sometimes I clear all the ball. A stray ball hit me on my stomach which awfully hurt like hell, but I just keep my cool. Sha'ban and Paan was at the field, which pumped me up-somebody witness my greatness (yeah, right!).
After maghrib, I went to Abe's and the stupid fucker wasn't there. So I just went to the bed and slept early. This morning the weather is cold, catalizing my laziness to get out of bed. After much hardness I succesfully showered (in cold water), dressed and get my ass to the department. Before I went to the lab, I stopped by at CCAC to collect some letters Mahyar asked me to get. It's the list of students in my class, a total of about 50 students. The class will start this Friday and Saturday.

Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
DOntcha wich your girlfriend was freak like me?
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