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Friday, September 29, 2006
After Friday prayer, I took a nap, reminding myself that I need to go to CCAC office for the "Choking Charlie" manequin. Then I was awaken by the Hari Raya songs played by my roomate. Suddenly I felt sad, and the faces of my parents, family, and my grandmothes flashes in front of my eyes.
I don't know how, but these songs can evoke the deepest feeling in your heart, eventhough you had heard it year after year. It is even hard to listen to it if you are far away from your family. But at the same time, it also springs out the joy and the mood of celebration. When you heard it played, it will bring out the fond nostalgic memories of Hari Raya celebration you had in the past years.
This is the song I heard today, titled "Kepulangan Yang Dinanti" ("The anticipated return") by Aman Shah.

Bahasa MelayuEnglish translation

Kepulangan Yang Dinanti

Bergema suara takbir di angkasa
Selembut bayu meresap ke dalam jiwa
Betapa hatimu terharu
Menyambut anakmu kembali

Terbayang senyuman di wajah nan sepi
Pulangnya anakmu di pagi yang murni
Kasihmu seharum kasturi
Melambai anakmu kembali

Dalam dakapan keheningan maya
Pertemuan yang menyentuh di jiwa
Sekian lamanya terpisah
Harapan kini menjadi nyata

Kiranya perpisahan terjadi lagi
Anakmu pergi mencurahkan bakti
Doamu teriring selalu
Semoga bertemu kembali

Pulanglah di hari raya
Begitulah harapan ayahanda

The anticipated return

The calling voices is in the sky
Soft as zephyr it soaked into the soul
Your heart is moved
Welcoming your child home

The quiet face began to smile
As the child return in the glorious morning
You love like a fragance of ____
Greeting your child home

In the blanket of silent air
The meeting that moves the heart
The parting seems forever
The hope is now materialize

If then we whould part again
Your child went to spread the deeds
Your prayers will lead me along the way
For us to be united again

Pleaase return home this celebration
That's your father's wish.

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