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Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Blogging Dilemma
The reason anyone write in a blog is to manifest their idea and thought, mostly hoping that their writigs will be read by other people. Sort of trying to find people with the same wings with a dash of self narcissism - I mean every now and the you wish someone will read your blog, which somehow should make you an internet celebrity or some sort. I started to write this blog because I want to let go all the grudge I collected from day to day, and also to narrate my life so in later days in my life I'll have a place to look for nostalgic memories.. Yes I would like someone to read my blog, and yes I wish there are many people out there who follow my blog day to day like an endless soap opera. But something make me feel otherwise yesterday.

As I was blogging in the computer lab, Tapa my hockey team mate came and then he saw me writing my blog and asked the url of my blog. Without much thinking, I did gave him the url and the he started to read it. First he read my current posting, and as time goes by, he began to read my older postings through the archive. I, meanwhile started to feel uncomfortable as he unfold my suppose to be annynomous online diary. But I just kept my cool and told myself that nothing to be worried about. But deep inside, I know I'm fucked.

Sirah has it that Prophet Muhammad eat nothing but several dates and water in the whole course of Ramadhan. So yesterday I tried an experiment on myself that human can survive by just eating dates and water. So during breakfasting, I ate nothing but dates and drink only plain water. Yes, it's not filling but after some time I did not felt hungry anymore. So I kept eating nothing until the sahur (the last meal before dawn) which I, again ate dates only. So, the conclusion of my experiment is it is possible surviving ramadhan by eating dates alone. After that this evening during breakfasting, I reward myself with various kind of food, which was very rewarding so to speak.

Yesterday evening I started to talk to my other roommate, which I never talk to since I've been staying in my room. As I had nothing to say in particular, I asked him about the handphone he just brought. I said that I'm scouting for the best deal for handphone, posibbly the one with 2 megapixel camera, has a radio turner, mp3 playable, clampshell model and price around $1.3K, and it turned out that his new handphone, Nokia N71, has all the characters of my dream phone, and the price turnout to be $1.3 K only, which is JUST PERFECT! He said that the 'new' phone was his mother's but since his mother was not a fan of a complex phone, he traded his phone with the cool N71. Other than that we also talk about other handphone brand, and he promise me to look after the price listing of the latest handphone.

So, I started dreaming about this new handphone, and the first thing when I woke up in the morning (approximately 1pm hehe), I submit my claim form to Mahyar, which totalled of $1.5 K. Hope that the money will be lined in in the mid October, so I can shop for the new handphone before Hari Raya.

This evening I met Epulz, my old friend. He was accepted as the Quantity Surveyor lecturer and he has been working for a week. Well good luck to him.
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