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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sleep Tight Dream land.

For sometime now I had these wierd recurring nightmares dreams. One of it concerning my house at my hometown, the sleepy town of Kulai. My house is actually an old wooden+batu house that my father build from scratch, with his bare hand, alone. I say it's old because it was build when I was 7 and now I am 25, so you do the math.

The dream usually started with me wandering in my house, now bigger and stilted. One time I dreamt that my stilted house was actually pentagon in shape. And last 2 day, as I remembered vividly, my house was renovated by my father, with new rooms added for my sister, and another for my other sister (which is wierd since I only have a sister, who's this other sister?),and to my surprise he had build me a room at the back of the house, plus a brand new scrambler bike (I cried when my mum presented it). Then in the dream, I actually realize that it was so unreal, that I force myself to wake up. Coming back to reality a is hard hitting dissapointment, but alas it is real.

Stilted House. Perhaps my dream house

I didn't sleep last night. So to avoid being bored to death, I went to the TV room, which was surprisingly empty and watch the movies in the Star World Channel. First, was a loose story about women in correctional facility called Civil Brand, starring Lisa Raye and Da Brat among familiar faces. Then there was a movie about ex-Nazi collaborator who was hunted by the Jewish assassins because of the genocide he did when he was young. The movie called The Statement and featuring Michael Caine and Tilda Swinston.

Before breakfast I watched a movie about the young Americans who were enjoying their summer break in a party-goers-magnet beach. However the beach is infested with tiger sharks. In one scene, a big group of stupid youngsters was attacked by an equally large group of tiger sharks while they were partying in the water. It's actually quite funny to see helpless people trying to swim away for their dear life, while the sharks were plucking the victims from inside the water. Imagine chicks with bangging bodies, but with one leg. Giggle. I didn't really catch the movie's title, but the actors are typical eye candy except for the resident villain-jerk who's face look like Jehan Miskin, a face that I loath everytime I see him. He done nothing to me, but just looking at him, the feeling of annoyment multiplied exponentially. And same goes to Cico Harahap.

Jehan Miskin. How can you not hate him.
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