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Thursday, September 21, 2006
Now I'm at the computer lab right after I woke up around 3.30pm or something. Yesterday I couldn't sleep. It's my head dammit! If I got an idea, my brain will switch to auto-pilot brain storming. It just went on and on. I went to sleep around 6.30am I think.

I called my mum around 4am, she was up, cooking. I tried to say that I miss her and I miss home so much, but realizing that I'm a fully developed male adult now, and cry baby is a no no, I just said pretty much the same thing. Like hey how are you, how's everything, stuff like that.

Before that, I called home around 10pm via my sister's cell, but she was at my grandma's, do we just exchanged hellos and that was it. After that I called my girlfriend. We just said sweet nothing until I ran out of my cell phone air credit. She told me that some of her friend say hi to me. Well, some of her friends are my FA class students. And the she asked that if I has received some other 'hi' s from other girls. And to avoid bitter confrontation, of course I said no. Then she keep going and going about this, and I sensed something amiss. Well right after we ended our conversation, she texted me and she said that one girl from her english class say hi to me. I said that it's no problem, as long as they mean friendship, and I kinda sense hostility in my gf's side. Haha.

Thaksin Shinawatra's government now crippled by the Juntas. (here)
Yesterday also I was quite shocked as our neighbouring country, Thailand is under martial law, where under the king's blessing, the army troppled the current PM (Thaksin)'s goverment, while he was away in New York for an all-world-leader meeting. But it's kinda relieving that when I read the paper today that there was no blood shed during that period. According the paper, the situation are calm and under control and there was no curfew actuallym but no public mob grouping is allowed. Just hoping that Malaysia will stay peace as it is now and forever.

Anyway, it's the time again when all the students are forced to vote for the next's season's student representative council. This year's election will be carried out using e-voting which means that the results can be comfortably altered according to anybody's agenda. I didn't cast my vote because I found not a single candidate did organize a campaign rally. I don't reward those who don't act. The campus was littered with campain flyers and small handouts. This year, the pro-opposition party (WUFI) return to the candidancy after last year's chicken out boicott. Some of us did jokingly called the the terrorist because they do sometimes resemble the terrorist acts and are a furtile place for the opposition party to breed new line of future opposition leader. The pro-government party (REVO) had won some uncontested chairs and sit comfortably in the cradle of government's money. They are aggresive mindless morons who acted like they are backed by a mafia group.The candidates cited their promises and propaganda on their banners and posters, which I so much doubted their honesty. I can safely bet that this year's council will be no better than the last years and the previous years before. Apparently other universities are doing council election too (here).

**note: not real campaign posters :)

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