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Thursday, September 28, 2006
In Another Life

Figure 1: My day's Plan.
DoneYet to be done
Update FA web blogBuy newspaper 1
Update Man Utd match reportRead Newspaper
Read PerezHiltonSleep

I'm not really sure what happened, but since yesterday Blogger.com seems to face some technical problem. It's like ass waiting for the new post to be loaded into the blog page, where everytime the "in process" page keep looping like an amnesiac fool. However I found out that if the loading is stuck, I only have to reload the page or click the 'create' button and the post will be saved; with a catch - it wont appear instantly in my blog unless I log out of blogger.com and then re-log in. Hopefully that this problem is kinda temporary technical glitch, or I'll have to retire from blogging.

Anyway, I totally didn't contact (like I promised) my gf yesterday to comfirm my ticket for the Hari Raya celebration. I planned...umm... actually I don't have a plan at all, it just I don't like using my girl's money, because you know what happened when money is mixed with relationship. Whatever.

I'm still having this stomach-ache and been in and out the toilet for numerous times today.

Since I have a lot of spare time, I guess I can write something different rather than my daily routines check list.

Hmm.. I've been reading some blogs about relationship, the daily shits about living together as a couple. Truthfully I envied those who can live happily with the one they love.

Actually I never live in a home with someone since I'm 12. From that age till now, I reside in either a dormitory or a hostel room (what's the diffeternt, hell who cares). I lived with bunch of crazy friends and never I live alone or at least with another person (which will make us a couple). And because of that (I think), I have these problems with intimacy, but then didn't all guys were born with pre-pacaged intimacy problems.

Figure 2: Happy Fuck!

This is the whole day agenda of my imagenary coupling life. I woke up late after a long hot sex in the previous night with X (let's call this person 'X') and smiled when I saw X's face. I placed a peck on X's cheek/nose/body/hand and went for shower.

After I was done with my work attire, I found my breakfast was on the table, a cup of hot coffee/choc, a bowl/plate of cerial/roti canai/fried eggs sunny side up, and the main course, a gorgeously smiled X. I ate the breakfast and after a lil' action, I heavy-heartedly went to work.

After work, I returned home and X was still not returning from work. I found myself resting on the couch waiting for X to return. Later, when X finally came home, I greeted X with a firm hug and a long wet smooch. We changed our shirts into a pair of comfortable t-shirt and track-bottom for a run on the park or working out at a gym.

Then we took a bath together to clean our sweaty body and after that we prepared the dinner. If not, we went for occasionally eating-out. Our night filled with talking about our day or watching tv or reading books or just looking at each other's eyes. Then we went to our room, and doing what we did best.

Why the past tense? I have this thing that if I say or talk anything before it happens, I will mostly never come true. So, everytime I had a plan or something, I just keep mum about it until it finally occured.

I hope that I will find the right person for me, that truly love me for what I am. I know I'm starting to sound romatically foolish, but doesn't everyone deserve a happy life?


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“Count your smiles instead of your tears; Count your courage instead of your fears.”

~ Unknown

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