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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Intercollege Tournament
The inter-college games festival had arrived, offering the jocks and jackass of residential college to compete with each other to determine who has the biggest balls. Like last week during our first KL league game, Razi had approached me to play for the Uthman college since Azam, my new roommate is also a goalkeeper so the Siddiq college team obviously has 2 goalkeepers (me and Azam) so I agreed to play with them much to Aidil dismay which I don't really fuckin' care.

Yesterday the hockey games has started, and all male residental college only manage to achieve a goaless draw except for my team where we manage to win over Talhah (formerly known as Abu Jahal) college 1-0. I barely had any contact with the ball, and they barely pass our D-line.

The girl's teams were also started their league yesterday, with my gf's team, Maryam college lose to Ombak's team, 2-0. Pity her...

Today we will face the Faruq team and then we have to rush to Pantai Stadium for our KL league match with the Signal @ Semboyan team. WE are so dead.

I had had wierd dreams again. Like yesterday, I dreamt that me and some friends were selected to go to a place called Yan, a sleepy town in the middle of nowhere, only to discover that we are under a secret government programme to recruit and train new breed of secret agent. Each of us were given a lame title, like the Mysterious one, or the Brave or whatever. Then we were assigned to our first assignment where we had to deal with a druglord or something and we passed with a flying colours. Then I woke up.

This morning's dream was more 'barbaric'. I went to my granny's house, and then suddenly my friend Fuad Matcha came (I have no idea why he was in my dream), and then we decide to went back to KL. Halfway to KL, I remembered that I didn't say goodbye to my granny, so get off the bus and started to walk to my granny's. In the middle of the road, I found my granny acting like a crazy person, and 2 men trying to catch her. So I had to defend her and kill those two men. One of the men was my roommate Azam. I didn't remember it clearly but I think I killed Fuad Matcha too. I'm not so sure. Anyway, after that I brought my granny home, and after some time I saw Azam came to my granny's with wounds all over his face and body. He looked like a walking zombie or something. I went to him, hug him and told him I'm so sorry.
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