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Saturday, September 16, 2006
Ol' skool

Bring me to life

It must be a reunion day today for me. I bumped into (and intentionally hide) my old mates from my 'previous life'. First I met Kamal, my ex-roomate whom I haven't see in like a year or something. He is a good honest boy, very kampung and not really attracted to the glamours of life in KL. Like me, he is into sports where he played soccer really well. We never really had a fit between us (except for occasionally mood swings). He was like a brother to me, or maybe a twin with me being the evil one. However I somehow manage to stab him in the back (I don't have to spill the reason) and I regretfull of what I've done. He looked healthy, a bit fatter infact, and as I mentioned earlier... very kampung.

Like a few seconds after that I bumped into Oca, my ex-neighbour (he live beside my room, once). We keep a good relationship although sometimes I can't stand him. Sometimes, he choose to be really selfish unbearable fat jerk, but mostly he's cool.

On my way to tren terminal, I saw Amir my classmate. We have something in common, he failed during his initial years of study, while me failed during my final years of studies. He is a cool dude and we agree in almost everything.

I must have met some other old friends, but I can't recall.

On another things. I always thought that my english is good if not perfect. I mean, I understand reading english writings, as I mostly learned english through song lyrics. Today it dawned to me that actually I'm suck at speaking the language. This morning I had to cover for PG first aid class, because he was involved in the course's practical test. Since the class has some international student, so I had to delliver my lectures in english because I didn't want the foreigners to be burdened by second-hand translation from their friends, and after all this is an international university.

When adressing the class, I find it difficult to find the right words and sometimes I stutter like a gibbering idiot. And also I have a problem with pronounciation, because I know sometimes people can't really understand what I am saying because of my mariana trench low voice and I slur like a drunken whore. When I tried to pronounce right-ly, I quicly realize that I may look stupid with exagerration in my mouth movement. I really need a speaking coach.

Right after meeting with Oca I went to the stadium to watch the closing ceremony of intercollege sports carnival. Eventhough I got a gold medal this year (for hockey) I decided to not join the prize giving ceremony because I learned that I didn't matter in the team. So fuck the hell, I don't even care. I watched the marching of the college contigents where I must say that the girls contigents displayed a very 'entertaining' marching, while the boys will be boys (lazy and un-enthusiastic).

I really need to get out of my stagnant life.

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