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Monday, September 25, 2006
Practical FA
The campus is looking eerily quiet. It must be the fasting period that make students skipping classes to sleep. And people will talk less because the more you talk without rehydrate, the more your saliva will become thick and it not olny look gross, it'll smell like ass too. Ewww... Anyway we had been fasting for 2 days, and yesterday was a non-existant day for me because I slept the whole day, and woke up only to have my berbuka (break-fasting). As a result of that, my head were throbbing like eliphant thumping on it the whole night and since I couldn't really sleep, I read jap's manga in Kreko mag.

Last Saturday was quite a tiring day for me. I had to be involved in the FA class 2nd level's practical test, since I am one of the assistant trainer. Plus, I can claim the hours I worked which pays $25 per hour.

The test was like each students were divided into groups, and they has to work as a team to save 'victims' of a suppose to be catastropic tragedy, by administrating first aid treatment. The tragedy in the said event was a land slide that injured a group of happy campers. And the 'victims' were actors with fake blood and all, and I'm one of them. There were 5 'victims', I'm the one with a head bleeding and open fracture on the femur with the bone (actually it was a stick) protuding out of my thigh and I'm drenched with buncho-colour blood. Other actors were Siti(the fainted lady), Barakah(the hand-fractured girl), Asma'(the broken neck lady) and Madeq(the crazy guy). I basically had to do nothing except for laying in the bushes looking helpless and crying for help. It there's an award for the best actor, it will -hands down- went to Madeq for his potrayal of concussion caused crazy man. He was so crazy and annoy every first aiders by giving them hard time to treat the patients.

I wasn't pretty sure to be the leg broken victim because most of the first aiders are girls who are very girly/weak/ayu/fragile. You see, they suppose to do rapid body survey to me (where you are touched in every inch of your body to find your injury), and then I was supposed to be lifted to a safe area using strecher. I can see thier 'unsure' reaction written all over their face because they have to touch me for treatment. Make no mistake- I didn't mean anything bad/dirty for the entire course of the test. I was being professional. Even though they were hesitant to treat me, but since they had time constraint (30 minutes for each group) they had to push aside their childish embaressment and went ahead bandaging my thigh and cleaning my 'wounded' forehead.

After that they had to lift me to the safety, supposely using accopanied strecher. I still remember thier suffering trying to lift a 70kg man, what a classic. And some of them didn't use the given strecher, but they lift me using their bare hands (it was heaven). Alas, I was never dropped from the strecher. I don't know if it's because I'm a man or they didn't remember, but I only receive only one rapid body survey treatment-from a boy. But I fully understand the ethics and their problem touching a male patient.

Some of the treatment given to me was actually quite memorable. I was showered with a whole bottle of water on my head, I was dragged, and one time, some girl tried to pull out my shirt to check if there's any injury on my body, but I have to stop it as I thought it was unnecessary. And actually, I don't think the sight of my pubic hair that lined vertically under my navel, is for all to see.

The practice ended around 6.30 pm, and after that we return to our rooms. Can't wait for the next sem's practical test.
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