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Thursday, September 07, 2006
A Pubic Affair
Grooming below the belt
-by Galen wong & Sujartha K -

A Pubic Affair.
All the girls' stepping out for a pubic affair
All night, let's rock,cause the party don't stop
All the cameras, come out, for a pubic affair
Who cares, let's rock,cause the party don't stop
~Jessica Simpson

What’s sexy on females is viewed as a certain form of sacrilege for males. Waxing is never going to win complete allegiance from men. Both camps – for and against the process – are divided even further when it comes to waxing your nether regions.

Men, you might be ready to take on that ‘6 foot high, 3 foot across’ jerk that hits on your girlfriend – but how many of you dare to lie back and let a total stranger pour hot wax on your reproductive organs?

There are really two school of thoughts here: one based on the aesthetic angle, and the other on the purist angle. Let’s explore the dichotomy that has plagued the male populace on grooming the pubic hair.

From the purist standpoint, men should be men. They shouldn’t tamper with what the Divine Being has blessed them with. So you’ve got a healthy does of body hair – revel in it! Therefore the pubic region should be left in their untamed glory.

The reason for the growth is a natural one: it acts to trap the body sweat produced by the nether region – and, therefore, should be left alone and their presence respected. Why fix something when it’s not broken?

From the aesthetic point of view, however, it is unsightly. Dense hair growing in all directions, unruly as a bunch of boozed up men on stag night. A hideous crime is when bathing briefs – or any kind of form-fitting swimwear – are involved. Having tendrils of pubic hairs trailing out, seeking escape from their confines, is enough to invoke shudders.

Besides, it can’t be too hygienic when all that sweat trapped down there promotes a wet and moist environment; all the better for germs and fungus to set up home sweet home. This is especially the case when you use a public toilet – another violation on decency. God knows what piggy-backs onto your underwear when you leave.

So what does this call for? An urgent call for an aesthetic valuation. Some men might be blessed with near hairless body and limbs, but down south, there’s a strong need for growth control. If you’re looking to take the plunge, here’s a quick guide on how-to:

A Pubic Affair.
All the girls' stepping out for a pubic affair
All night, let's rock,cause the party don't stop
All the cameras, come out, for a pubic affair
Who cares, let's rock,cause the party don't stop
~Jessica Simpson

trimmed and groomed

* Get a pair of angled cuticle scissors and a small comb.

* Start combing the hair outwards to the length you want and trimmed the rest of the hair, and slowly go through them until you think it is decently sheared down.

* Now stepped into the shower and after you have rinsed the soap off, reach for a shaving blade, and start shaving the undesirable growth that is beyond the desired triangle and work inwards to the size of the patch you want.

* Have a final check to see if they are all evenly trimmed in the mirror.

* Rinse them off once again.

* Apply moisturiser to area where you have just shaved.

clean and smooth

* After rinsing the soap off your body, get a pair of angled cuticle scissors and start trimming the hair down close to your skin.

* Trim the hair down around the triangle and some hair around it, so as not to look like you’re a crop sign on a corn field.

* Once all the hair has been trimmed down, reach for the shaving foam and apply to the area where you have just trimmed and shave it with a shaving blade.

* Rinse the foam off and apply either moisturiser or Vaseline gel to the shaved area to soften the hair when the re-growth starts.

* Apply moisturisers or Vaseline every time after shower, as the re-growth can give a slight irritation.

*You can shave once a week or once a month depending on how fast your hair grows.


* Get a pair of angled cuticle scissors and trim the hair half way down.

* Rip open a wax strip and place it over the hair you want to get rid off.

* Leave it on for as long as the instructions say.

* With one quick move, rip the strip off.(OUCH!)

* It may burn around the area, so abate it by spraying cold water over it and then letting it subside. Apply moisturisers or Vaseline.


* Get a bottle of hair removal lotion.

* Apply it carefully around the area you want to remove.

* Leave it on for as long as the instructions say.

* Rinse the cream off, and the hair will be removed. It may be not be the best step, but it is the easiest step to do. The drawback of this method is that the regrowth will have hair that is different from the normal hair – it’s straighter and very fine, and looks odd.(faint haha)

The Malay Mail
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