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Friday, September 15, 2006
The Stars (are blind)
12.38pm. Friday Sept. 15th
I'm at my room, waiting for the clock to strike 1.30pm, reading today's edition of The Star newspaper. Previously I intended to go to the computer lab, but laziness overcomes me.

The Paper.
I started reading the star paper for about 7 years now. Initially I hated the paper, I thought it's a newspaper infested with too much advertisement. Almost ever page was littered with monochromatic and sometimes colour ads. My friend, Ah Seng ( a Chinese-looking Malay boy) started bringing the bulky newspaper to our room and then I started reading them. Soon, I brought them myself and then, I addicted to them (addicted to newspapers, how lame!). The paper is riddled with ads, but the content is getting better and better. It is unbiased, unlike other publication like NST, or Utusan.

Reverse Reader.
Like most other men, I read the paper in reverse manner because the Sports section is located at the back of the paper. However, the section I enjoyed reading most is the Star Two section, where it include good articles about everything under the sun (and occasionally out of the universe). The topic ranging from juicy celebrity updates, to the hottest current issues, to the lame environmental propaganda. At every particular day, there's music, movies and games reviews, which played a pretty big role in my entertainment selection.

At the back of every Star Two edition, there's 2 pages of comic galore. Over the years comic strips come and go, and everytime it never failed to amuse me. These are the list of the current comic strip lists

Garfield by Jim Davis
A world famous fat orange cat with his pet, John.

The Amazing Spiderman by Stan Lee and Larry Leiber
A superhero vs supervillain soap drama

B.C by Johnny Hart
A poignant view of life starring living creature in a desert and rocky place.

Hi and Lois by Mort Walker and Dik Brownie
A family dealings of a mundane family life

Shoe by Jeff MacNelly

The tale of Shoe, an overweight sleepy reporter-bird

Insanity Streak by Tony Lopes

Jabs of alternate reality of life

Bizarro by Dan Piraro

A funny one picture bizarre occurrences of life

Hagar the Horrible by Chris Browne
A Viking who finds invading England is way relaxing then relaxing at home, with his wife.

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill WattersonThe all knowing brat with his imaginary friend, a stuffed tiger, dealing with his surrounding and girls.

Kee's Worlds by C.W. Kee
A funny outlook at Malaysian life

Zits by Jerry Scott and Jim BorgmanA teenager life dealing with his lame parents and unpopular friends.

Pickles by Brian Crane
A sweet old people jokes.

Brenda Starr by June Brigman and Mary Schmich

A lame soap drama featuring a glittering nosy 80's woman.

Close To Home by John McPherson

An ugly cartoon with the funniest message.

The others
Other things that is in the paper are pretty standard, like local and world news. Wars and international politics usually dominate the world news and road accidents and killings oftenly can be found in the local updates. I personally like the photograph section where the colour of life is translated by the vivid picture from around the world.

I will keep reading as long as the paper stay relevant and cost minimally.
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