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Monday, September 04, 2006
Thunders, Supernovas and Astronaut.
This was what happened to me during the weekend...

Somehow I felt that something terrible awaits, so I woke up early and went to the lab. Unfortunately, the lab was close so I went to the kiosk and brought the day's paper. I returned to the residental college and watch a movie starring Lucas Black, Deeplake. It's about a boy with shadowy past dealings with the secrecy of the suppose Deeplake's tyrant, his new boss. It kinda mess my mind up. And as I watched the movie, I thought Lucas Black is the human form of Roronoa Zorro
. Since there will be a KL league match that night, I went to the store room to get the goalkeeper's gear and dragged them in an oversized luggage bag. Seriously it look like a giant luggage bag, which I thought made people whom saw me that day think I'm going home home for good. We depart at 5 something and our first KL league game was with the Kilat KL team. It consist of pot-bellied old men with some star players who had international cap. Those men, with giant belly of theirs, was able to tear us apart with their swift moves and precise hitting, which made us not wondering why we lost 4-2.

I was broke and just having my instinct guiding me, I went to the ATM and found out that my mum had deposited an extra $10, which will safe me in the weekend. Then I went to Abe's room and watched new movies he just downloaded into his PC. I watched Drumline (one of my all time fav movie),and A moment to remember (a tear jerker korean flick with the yummy heroin lost her memory bcoz of Alzheimers and pee all over the place).

Since I had nothing better to do, I went to Abe's (he was not here for the weekend since he went to Gunung Arul hiking in Mersing or somewhere) and planned to watch more movies. I watched Lord of War (starring Nicholas Cage and a very pretty Jared Leto, about armdealerships), Lovely Rival (a korean flick about a teacher and a student who are going after a same man), My boyfriend is type B (another korean movie which is one of the suckiest movie I have ever watch) and lastly The 13th Warrior (a pre-9 11 movie about a muslim man joining a viking comando team anhiliting hundreds of cannibalistic cave people.)

~The crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin died yesterday from severe sting ray sting. Crikey!
~I just learned that Josh Logan was actually elliminated first before Zayra. And Malaysia's farvorite Rockstar (Supernova) Ryan Star had been elliminated in the last show.

Supernovas Josh Logan(left) and Zayra.

~The news is out. The model-doctor Dr. Muszaphar is going to be the first Malaysian astronaut.

SET FOR SPACE: Muszaphar (left) and Faiz.

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