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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Total Annihilation!
Yesterday, the Intercollege Hockey Game continues with Ali and Siddiq manage to score one each, ending the game with draw 1-1 which eliminate Bilal college from the semifinals. Me and the Uthman gang manage to hold the Faruq team, 0-0 which was ok where we still placed on the top of our group. We will face either Ali or Siddiq college today, the one who lost the penalty flick corner.

After the game, we waited for the bus to pick us up to the KL league game that evening. After like eternity waiting for the bus, we depart from UIA around 7.45pm, where the game was scheduled at 8.30 pm. Fortunately the road was clear from any traffic congestion, but halfway to Pantai Stadium, the water container (containing mango juice drink) fell down when the bus took a sharp corner, and the bus was flooded with mango juice. Even the driver was drenched with mango juice.

Ok,ok lets go to the match already! The team that we were suppose to fight is Signal team, but the schedule was changed (without us informed earlier - bitch!) and we had to face Sultan Sulaiman team. We started with the usual line-up, except for me who I let Ezad played the goalkeeper since he's ..ahem.. like better than me, and he didn't played last game, and I didn't bring the keeper gear, and those bastards ain't worth it. We started the goal sheet with Acap's short corner drag flick. Moments later the score was leveled by the same fashion (short corner drag flick). After that the annihilation begun with us slaughtered them with one goal after another. Heck even Napi a.k.a Rooney scored. At the end of the match, the total score was 7-1. The Sultan Sulaiman's team went home crying with their tail between thier legs. During the game, we noticed that our coach was there, sometimes shouting instructions and orders laced with profanities. Classic.

On unrelated, irrelevant news, Introducing the firecrotch.

Belly baring is so 90's. Now pussy baring is like totally hot. Just ask Lindsay Lohan. (keep reading)

Lohan in yet another coughing-pussy-flashing moment. (keep reading)

Shaved pussy. Ewww.... like egypt furless cat

Like shaved pussy. Eww.. eww.. eww..

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