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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
vs Arsenal 0-1

Yesterday was like the D day for all the English Premier League fans. 4 giant football clubs staged a 'kinda' spectacular clash. Since the Chelsea vs Liverpool was scheduled before the Manchester Utd vs ARSEnal game, I watched both games just to kill time.

Lamps with his Barclays 2004/2005 Player of the year award
For the first game, I rooted for Liverpool team just because I thought may the weaker team win the game so it wont get in the way of Manchester Utd to claim the throne of the league. The game started with both teams fielded their best players. Even my farvorite english player, Frank Lampard was playing, eventhough he currently is bashed by the talent-blind English media. They said that Lamps is an old horse and that his bright star is fading and other bullshit about his loss of midas touch. What a worthless load of shit! Eventhough I hate Chelsea with every inch of my body, but I do admire Lamps for his talent. Enough about that, let's us focus about the game. The game was pretty boring really. Both team couldn't really panetrate the opposing team's defence line. However, Drogba manage to score a surprising goal out of blue at 42nd minutes. The score stayed like that to the end.

After the game, Manchester United vs Arsenal game took place, where the room was full of anticipation. Will Man U keep their striking pose at the top of the league, or will Arsenal manage to rise from the smelly trench of bottom league dwellers. The game started with a bang with Arsenal manage to get a penalty but Kuszczack stopped it with class. Personally, I think that Man U played suckly in the game. It seems like everyone lost their way in the field. Rooney and Ronaldo didn't jive in each attack and the middle field movement was close to nothing, no thanks to fragile looking Fletcher. And limping Arsenal players didn't help either. They looked like they were made from china and pussies. And (dang!) Lehmann was smacked right in the face with Ronaldo's powerful ball, and have to receive treatment for that, and the TV keep repeating the incident and it was so funny. However, Man U had to pay dearly for their below the par playing when Adebayor scored the precious goal at the 86th minute. And man do they celebrate!

After the game, I returned to my room with mixed feeling of sad and angry. Whatever, hope that Man U will rise again next game. Till the next game.

Manchester Utd vs Arsenal match report
Match report from Manutd.com
Chelsea vs Liverpool match report

Goal Scorers & Times:
ARSENAL 86' E Adebayor
Half Time Score:
0 - 0
Cautions / Yellow cards:
ARSENAL 5' J Lehmann Yellow Unsporting behaviour
ARSENAL 9' K Toure Yellow Unsporting behaviour
MANCHESTER UNITED 60' W Brown Yellow Unsporting behaviour
MANCHESTER UNITED 71' P Scholes Yellow Unsporting behaviour

ARSENAL 11' Taker: G Silva


Team Line-ups

United: Kuszczak, Neville (c), Ferdinand, Brown, Silvestre (Evra, 24), Fletcher, O’Shea, Scholes (Carrick, 77), Ronaldo, Rooney (Solskjaer, 77), Saha.
Subs not used: Heaton, Vidic.

Arsenal: Lehmann, Eboue, Toure, Djourou, Gallas, Hleb (Baptista, 68), Gilberto Silva (c), Fabregas, Rosicky, Ljungberg, Adebayor (Flamini, 88).
Subs not used: Almunia, Hoyte,Walcott.

Goalscorers: Adebayor (85)

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