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Thursday, October 05, 2006
Faces of death
OK, so yesterday when I was on my way to my room, I stumbled upon my dear old friend, Syuk. He's looking healthy, with no gf (Ayu) on tow. You see, Syuk is totally whipped. He is one good looking fella (some even offered him money to model-but he stupidiously *erk* rejected that notion), and can make any girls suck his dick faster than you can say man-slut. But he has a problem. He seems to be very afraid with his gf, which I don't really comprehend. And his gf is like a psyco who monitor her sweetheart's movement everywhere he goes. Creep.

We talked. And when I asked when he will fly to Sarawak, he said that he won't return to Sarawak this Hari Raya - tickets all booked, which I half believed. So I think maybe I can invite me to celebrate Hari Raya at my home. Later.

The Americans must be really crazy right now. Maybe there's something in the water. It was the third school pupils massacre in ONE week. That's just not right.

The latest school bloodbath occurred at a quiet town of sleepy QUARRYVILLE, Pennsylvania where a perv went inside a school oredered everybody out except girls and like 30 minutes or so, the girls were shot execution style before the perv kill himself. That's so not right! (news here)

The perv did plan to molest them lil' girls because he did bring along lubricants for some'ing some'ing, and he even dared to tell his wife on her face that he had molested a little family members and he thing he would do it again. Sick!

QUARRYVILLE, Pennsylvania is a small town in *duh* Pennsylvania filled with Amish people. They look like them jews, with all beard, geeky hats and stuff. They adopted simple lifestyle, like no electricity, no cars, you get what I mean.

On Sept 30, a 15 year old psyco, confront his principal (now ex-principal) and manage to shot him using his daddy's handgun although he was wrestled by near by teachers and students. Allegedly before the incident (like a day or so) the teen complained to the principal that he was bullied/teased by his bratty schoolmates but somehow the principal manage to turn deaf ears to him and the teen was even charged with diciplinary action because he had tobacco with him. Whatever. (news here)

On Sept 28, a 53 year old pervert stormed into a high school in Colorado and after taking hostage of 6 girls and allegedly molesting them, one of the girls were killed when she tried to break free after the old pervert made her a human shield. (news here)

On Sept 13, Kimveer Gill open fire at Dawson College, Montreal, Quebec killing one person and injured many others. The 25 years old psyco was killed in a shootout with police force. Apparently he tried to mimic the now famous Columbine massacre by wearing trench coat in the shooting. (news here)

world peace!

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