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Monday, October 02, 2006
Girlfriend Affair
Yesterday when I was watching the football game, my gf text-ed me. I kinda know that she means war because I had not call/text her like since 1 week ago. So lo and behold, I did read her text and it always kinda hurt me inside whenever she say mean things.

So to all women/girlfriends/gay lovers out there, this is a simple wish that us men want you people to understand. Us, men, don't like to be reminded on how things are going through hurtful words. It make us, men, hurt (yes men do have heart and feeling) and want to kill whatever moving object that's near us. Do not nag us about the same thing over and over again because in case you and your pretty head failed to notice, we do have memory and we know what to do, it just we're waiting for the suitable time. And the last thing, do not ever, EVER, break our heart because we men do not have any reservation to break your leg.

You know what I did, in response to her text. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Let her drown in her self-created paranoia.

Exacly a week ago, through a friend I came to realize that my roomate A has severe all ties with his longtime gf S. The day before that I notice that they had an argument over the phone which I didn't plan to interfere. So the next thing I know, S returned all stuff A had given to her.

Actually I think that A is cheating on S with another girl, G. I read his phone text secretly (I can't help it, I'm a busy-muthafucka-body), and found many text messages exchanged between them. I suspected that after several years being together A is growing tired of S. To be honest S is not your tipical good looking girl. And we, A's friends, has been parading our beautiful gfs infront of him, which maybe making him kinda jealous and think that he too can get a beautiful gf like us. So it is unevitable for him too prowl for a new prettier gf. I have yet to see his new bitch. What can I say, it's in our gene.

However, I still mantain my relationship with both sides, and choose not to interfere by not dwelling into the issue whenever we're together.

Last week, me and my gf had an argument because she saw the 'pic' in my friendster page. I explained what's the picture all about, and I let her think by herself. Please remember, when I say I love you, I mean it. I love ONLY you. Stop nagging about it.

The said picture

Bet she does not see this yet.
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