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Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Vanity Zhee
AS usual when I have nothing to do I will surf the internet and read other people blogs like a loony stalker. Some blogs are good enough to be read but most of it are shiteous and unkept like a stray dog. I wonder how many accounts had been registered to blogger.com because most blogs I encountered during my surfing are only consists of less than 5 postings and its uninteresting to death (include yours truly), and then these blogs were abandoned like Pluto, minimizing our chance to name our blogspot with a good title.

Today I found a blog written by an arrogant, sassy and bitchy (in a good way) May Zhee, a 15 years young school girl who manage to get her book "Vanitee Bee" published. In Malaysia, being able to publish a book at 15 is a rarity, or as a matter of fact, getting any teenager/school kids to write beyond 5 pages of writings IS RARITY. From the paper I read (yes, she was featured in The Star), Vanitee Bee revolves around a girl with witch-thingy powers dealing with (surprise surprise) girly everyday life- boyfriend, backstabbing girlfriends, do I look fat, what to wear, Lindsay Lohan or Scarlet Johannson, do I look fat, where to shop, what's the new gossip, do I look fat, do I look fat, etc. Y'know the usual stuff. Her main character Lindsay Vanitee is not even a Malaysian, but a blonde-ish all American girl, which I totally understand why, because we all love anything caucasian, and yet I wonder why does she didn't use am American pseudonyms so she can sell more book internationally because market-wise, no one is interested to read a book written by a Malaysian chinese girl. Look at J.K Rowling, she was wise enough not to use her name that sooo potray her middle-earthage being. Honey, cultural egocentrism is nothing compared to them blings, if you catch my drift.

While I'm not rushing to the nearest MPH to buy Vanitee Bee (average Malaysian read 2 book per year, and I tend to keep it that way), I find that her blog is full of spices. The blog realm seems like her total escape from the real world, talking what her want, cursing like a sailor, bitching about every moment of her life. I find her so unhypocritical at all (although I have no qualm rubbing shoulders with hypocrites). In some weird way, I think I can relate to her *eww..* and totally understand her *eww.. eww..*

She received some hate mails from unappreciative/pre-pubescent school kids who hate her guts and yet she stand firmly on what she is and proudly accentuates her 'like I care' attitude. I just hope she doesn't wet the pillow at night. That's not hot.

Visit her at mayzhee.blogspot.com
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  • At Wednesday, October 04, 2006 10:59:00 PM, Blogger May Zhee said…

    Gah!! How do you know I wet something at night? Have you...did you...*checks for webcams immediately*

    Okay, you're clear.

    Too bad I love myself too much to use a pseudonym for books! Maybe I can make my name like Mayzhee Lim. Damn it still sounds like a Chinese name.

    This is a blog that I will definitely be bookmarking.

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