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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
The snow patrol is chasing cars.
OK it's been a fairly long time since I write some rubbish in this thing.

Obviously, I was quite busy with nothing, and if you do care about my shitty days, go here. I failed to update the Manchester United thing (and probably will not writing about it anymore), and this blog is obviously being abandoned like an out-of-wedlock bastard.

The other keeper

The KL league was finally over last night. Out of group 'A', we emerged as the second, behind the Kilat team, losing only one game and won the rest. Later we stepped into the semi-finals against group 'B' champ, MSSKL, and manage to lose 3-2, which placed us in the next match for the 3rd-4th placing against MESCA (whatever it is). Again we lost the game when the evil team (together with probably bribed umpire) manage to score at the very 2 minutes before full time, which bleed our heart. Eventhough we lost 1-0, I think being the 4th from like 20 teams is one great accomplishment for the team because we were just being promoted into the division this year. However, losing is still a bitch.

Meet my ho's; Acap, Tapa and Brahim

Most probably, I will rent a room with one of my friend in Cheras, because I'm done here. The rent is $150 a month which I think quite a good bargain.

Most of the students are at their home for semester vacation, and the hostel's quiet and empty, and all these loneliness make me horny. (I know ewww... but I have a dick too y'know)

Till my next posting.

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