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Sunday, April 08, 2007

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We really do not appreciate somebody until somebody's gone. And although parting is such a sweet sorrow, I have to admit I am not good at saying goodbye. On 28 March, I was told that one of the cleaner passed away that morning. I was shocked a little but its the afterburn that suffocate me. I wasn't particularly close to her, just an occasionally smile when we bump each other, or when she came to clean the office. Sometimes admittedly, she does annoy me sometimes with her complaints. But after her passing, I found myself ridden with abundant guilt for not knowing her more. At least I can ask for her health or her family or something worth remembering but all she left me is the lingering memories of her. I just wish that I could do better.


Last April the third, my mum turned 45 years young, and for the first time in my life I manage to pick up the damn phone to wish her a happy birthday. It was a puny thing to do compared to the mighty love she gave me. She is the one who always understand my actions and back me up whenever my sorry ass messed up. She gets my tough love, and I would rather bleed to death than knowing she's hurting. I hope that I will die before her because I do not deserve losing the angel of my life. I'm praying that whatever the consequences may come, I would not make her hurt. Mak, I will always love you and always be.

Last Friday, the coach summoned me to play against a bunch of school boys. It's been forever since I played hockey and I'm sure after the game that my body will retaliate. And man, do being old sucks. Even though we won like 9-1, my hand lacerated pretty bad and I was dog tired. Come next morning, my body was aching in unison. Gimme my youth back!

On Saturday, I went out with my old friends. We pretty much did nothing but exchanging updates and catching up stories about others. After a dinner at KLCC we went to Petaling Street, and then a quick drive by at Chowkit Road/Lrg Hj Taib to check out the tranny scene there. Lets lust say that they are still look like them amazonian woman with breasts that rivalled Dolly Parton but with manly face. Gawk, gawk, gawk, shivers, laugh!

After that my friend Krol send me home and we had a little chat. I asked him about his cancer treatment, and he told me that his former annihilated cancers came back. Man, I am disappointed and pray nothing but the best for him. Now when will I stop smoking?

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