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Sunday, July 22, 2007

This evening I went shopping with Epulz coz God knows how long I was 'miskin'. For a second I thought I turned into the SJP. I think I splurged around $200 today alone - an amount somebody like Paris Hilton will spend in one second.

Got back to my place around 11pm, and some moments later Ayam, my almost BFF since the college days came to do some sleep over. I have some work to do, so I left him. After like an hour, I got back from the office and found Ayam was not at my room. Like 5 minutes later he text me asking for a help, and sensing something bad happened I called him and he told me that he got his ass kicked by some road bullies. And apparently those road bullies are the Architecture students, the course he grad from. He asked me to join him to lodge a police report, and I agreed, and coz I can't drive for shiz, he drove despite his swollen face and all.

I talked him to report about the incident to the security first. And the security officers told him to write a report (which I had to write for him) told him to wait for tomorrow before reporting anything to the police station.

Throughout this event, I was numb from any feeling. I felt sorry for him, but I think that he has his share in this fighting accidents. I can't say much coz I do not witness the event, but I believe every fight place equal responsibility to each side. At the security office I manage to eavesdrop the name of Ayam's assailant, and with the power that I have I manage to pull out his name and personal details. OK, let me print it out for you;

Name: Noor Hisham Jama Abdul Nasir


Student ID:0512613

I even has his phone number and his address. Just so you know, this student will be expelled and jailed once his name is reported to the police. He is so fucked up.

After this debauchery, I return to my room, wash some clothes and to cool down I turn to YouTube. I ended up watching Anderson Cooper playing Jeopardy (a game show Malaysian will never qualified to play coz we are to bodoh) and Kelly Ripa antics. Damn she is like the American Shiela Rusly, only funnier and prettier and looks younger and smarter.

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