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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Nata De Coco

I have this thing with America's Next Top Model, although normally I denied watching that show. For those who live alone in a pit less hole, ANTM is a reality tv featuring hot chickas vying for the coveted title of the next top model of US and A. It's like a millennium beauty pageant (millennium ..? Urgh! Haven't use that word for like 20 years).

Anyway, there's one Russian girl who really caught my eye. She looks like Angelina Jolie, with her puffy lips and a big saucy eyes. She is a bubbly person, and have that annoying positive energy around her. At times, she looks like an innocent immigrant that you want to take advantage to.

At first, she sucks really bad. Then, she learn how to pose by herself which made her one of the power house. Eventually, the girls got jealous and outcast her from the herd. Despite all these shiz, she remained positive, although she posses that naive-confident thing that sounds like a sugar coated boasts.

She's kinda kinky too, where when she was on the line with her (alleged) husband (that mail ordered her probably), she either talk dirty OR crying for missing her baby. Here's one thing about ANTM that happened every time (or Cycle - depending on how queer are you). Each season, they will select young mummys who whine about missing their baby at every damn episode. For the first or second time, it was sweet. But when it happened at every episode, you kinda go, jeez.. enough already. So I think Tyra better stop recruiting those mamas or the show's will become America's Next Top MILF. And another thing, at every season, there WILL BE at least one person who will fall ill (fever, flu, flesh eating bacteria, epileptic, lupus, dehydration, food poisoning, blindness, cancer, AIDS you name it). I guess it's inevitable coz them skinny bitches eat a pea a day to stay at 0 size.

But at the finale, Nata lost to the skeleton drag cha cha queen, Jazlene. I think she's a man. But Nata is the winner in my heart (pah, how corny!).

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