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Friday, July 13, 2007
what do you think?

I got these pictures from an email forwarded by a friend. Actually I had seen these picture sometimes ago. So this is what I think...
The Kaabah being attacked 911 style? Unlikely to happen. I heard that there's no planes or other air transportation manage to fly over the Kaabah. Maybe it's the system or it just you can't. Even if the Kaabah is destroyed, Islam would not crumble as the kaabah is only a symbol. When we pray, we don't actually bow down to the Kaabah itself. It just a landmark so that all Muslims facing a single direction. If there's no Kaabah, muslilm still will pray.
The second picture I think not actually directed to Muslim. It's not actually a figure of a Muslim woman, coz to me it actually look like a nun. So if they really wanted to deface muslim women by this toilet thing, it actually backfired.
The third, fourth and the last picture is in the borderline of dissing Islam or appreciating the khat art. However I strongly feel that the heels is a direct way to degrade Islam. Not really sure about the shirt and the dress. I actually didn't understand the words on the shirt and dress, but if it was a quote from Quran, definitely it is a work to deface Islam. I watched a Madonna music video (not really sure the title, bedtime stories I think) where at one scene, Madonna stepped on grapes on top of Arabic words. I was surprised at first, but when I think deeply about that, it didn't necessarily meant to tarnish Islam image. It just Arabic words. The Jews and Arab-Christian speaks Arabic too.
Just remember God will protect everything about Islam, in one or other way. Just believe in Him.

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