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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Last Friday I worked my ass out for the final touches for the programme I told earlier. I ran here and there, under the unforgivable scorching sun just to make sure everything's OK. After the prayer, Fizi and me went to Port Dickson by Helmi's car. We leave quite late coz the bus for the students arrived late; the reason, they couldn't locate the place. As we were waiting, I was tortured by Kak Zu's kids, making me lift and toss them up in the air despite them being on the over-weight side. But thanks for my ripping muscles (hehe) I manage to please them, and leave me sweating like a pig. My shirt was drench, accentuating more my muscles definition for the girls to see (haha I wish!). Anyway we arrived late and went straight for the first activity.

Generally, the programme went smoothly and we were placed in a almost perfect apartment type hotel (the shower didn't work at first) with swimming pool and a beautiful stretch of beach just fiddy meters away. The students were quite awesome. I know some of them and some of the knew me but I can't remember their face. And some of the girls are hot too. I want to approach them but I had to be professional and students are off limits to me.


And the pool are awesome too, but it was polluted with too much chlorine, as soon as I finished my swim, I found my eyes unbelievably red. Like Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam red. And all that swimming made me tired, and I had not enough sleep, and I have to rally the students for their programme, so I was this close to flat out.

This afternoon, the programme was officially close, went back to KL by the company's Unser. I slept all the way despite being a mobile contortionist coz the Unser was filled with stuffs from the programme. Mu spine hurts, my leg cramps, but thanks to my Walkman hand phone, I was A OK!


When I reached home, I was hungry so I went to the cafe to grab some food. Since I wasn't feeling the dishes, I ordered some waffle, and waited for it to be ready. While waiting, there was an arab man walking hurriedly to a small stall at the corner where an old lady was cutting some potatoes. I sense something was wrong coz he brought along a cane, and start shouting some foreign gibberish to the old lady, and later start throwing things around and jerking the lady's hand. I rushed to the stall and start 'interfering'. I told the angry man with to cool down, and obviously the stupid foreigner won't. I rephrase my appeal, adding that if he didn't stop the fracas, I will call the police; my common bluffing technique for the stupid intolerable foreigners. After that he walked away, still angry.

Minutes later he came back sans the cane, but bring along his boss or translator or something. Again I told him to shut the fuck up, but then he started to yell at me, and the bastard had it coming, I fucking roared back on his face. Thanks for my tallness, yelling at that stupid face was easy and I think effective. I was so ready to punch his ugly face but the shit backed off. Soon after I reported the incident to the security, a security personnel came and took all the details. The old Indonesian lady was thankful to me, calling me angel and whatnot, and offer me a free meal, but I had to refuse coz it's not a big thing.

Is there any drama coming my way?


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