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Tuesday, August 07, 2007
Freedom of speech

Thanks to a local tabloid, Metro, almost all Malays are outraged by a video made by a Malaysian student who are studying in Taiwan. Basically it's about a remix song of Negaraku with Chinese language allegedly bashing the Malays and Muslims generally. I watched the video on youtube and quite frankly I don't understand what he's saying (obviously) and I don't really give a damn. It is an obviously an attempt to mimic the other country bashing song, 'We Live In Singapura' I think.

It is undeniable that people have their own perspective of harmony. Some think that people should have all access to all information, to know what's really happened, so they can work it out, but I sided on government on this issue which is informations should be 'filtered' before it was spread to the public. The basis of my stand is really simple; the public has different levels of maturity. Proof? Exhibit A; 'the Negarakuku' video. Majority Malaysian (I think) become emotional about this video. I mean c'mon guys! We all know that Malays get the special 'treatment' because they are the natives, and everyone knows that other non-bumiputera has grudges about Malays being 'special'. It's old story. And somehow we are still prosper and peaceful because we sweep the issue under the rug, worked out our difference, and pretend everything's OK. It worked for 50 years (except for that perticular 13th May 1969), why don't it work now?

Apart from the said clown who made the video, Namewee, I blame all these fracas equally to the Metro paper. But somehow I didn't surprised at all as the Metro paper usually print sensationalized stories, exaggerating small trivial stuff to attract people who refuse to read real news. Personally I hate reading Metro. I think they are stupid and unintellectual at all. Its a tabloid, like orang kampung tabloid. I think they cooked the stories from hear says and gossips and get it full blown to evoke the paranoia among the people. Maybe they hired gossipping mak ciks as reporter.

"What you don't know won't hurt you"

And to this Nemawee guy, you are so dead. The 'kokok'ing roosters are hunting for your head. I've seen them sharpening their machetes... haha

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