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Sunday, August 26, 2007
Its been quite some time I haven't updating my blog. I've been really busy and lazy... So these are some highlighted events that I can recall...

Sunday, August 19

I was invited to attend a dinner by one company (coz I've been helping them I guess) in Putrajaya. I went by bus, since they provide a bus to get there. We arrived quite late but so was everybody else.

After a tour on a cruise boat around Putrajaya Lake, we were ushered to Putrajaya Shangri-La where the dinner take place. The food's delicious, everybody seems happy. The highlight of the event though was the lucky draw, where the prizes offered was totally awesome. My ticket was numbered 009, which is quite odd because the numbers are for VIPs (am I a VIP?). Anyway there were 5 rounds of draw, and by the fourth round I was quite bummed coz my number wasn't called up. Before the fifth round draw, they announce that the last round draw offered even cooler prized (PDA, Flat TV, Digital Camera etc), and guess what, my number's finally up. I got a 3 day trip to Langkawi at Porto Malai Resort (transportation included), which is quite puzzling coz I'm not the resort kinda guy. Anyway, I was happy.

Shangri-La Lobby

Performance by lil' kids

Lake Cruise

Thursday, August 23

Since the Independence day is just around the corner, the management of the company decided that all departments should decorate their office to celebrate the events. By Tuesday, my office looked so bland with no decoration whatsoever. So I took the initiative to buy the decoration things and began to pimp up the office all night long. On Thursday, the judges came and evaluate the office and I had not receive any negative comment. So I guess everything's fine.

My Office which look like a pimped up kamdar

Saturday, August 25

Acap asked me to tag along to the Merdeka Fireworks Competition, where various country took part in displaying their firework crafts. The day's participant was from Italy. Acap is an amateur photographer, but he's quite good actually. Since it was a holiday, the traffic was bloody murder. It was jammed all the way to Putrajaya. We didn't get there on time, however, we manage to watch the firework display in the car. We keep on driving to Putrajaya coz WHAT THE HELL we've been driving for like 2 hours and returning back to KL means we were defeated. Acap brought along his photographer friend, Hafiz, they set up their tripod and stuff and began clicking anything they can get their hands to. Since both of them are photographers, and I'm not into photography, and by the law of physics, I am the designated model. Haha!

Putrajaya @ Night

So there you go...
I need to resume watching my Victoria Secret videos


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