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Thursday, August 02, 2007
When You're Gone
Ok I'm still in the lovey dovey mood.

Just watched Avril Lavigne' When You're Gone video on mtv.

At first I thought it's really cliched.

The young couple and army thing is so old

But something refreshing happened in usually stupid Avril video

Well the song's about missing somebody when the person's not there

In a scene, it shows an old man sitting in his underwear on a bed

I thought initially it's a perverse kinks with old man

But it turned out the old man just lost his wife

he sits on the bed with her outline still carved on her side of the bed

he looks on their black and white wedding picture when they were so much in love for the first time

her closet is full with her clothes, like she'll wake up again to dress for him

her smell still lingers on her favorite dress, he can almost felt her soul embedded on the clothing

he however returned to reality and realize that she's gone

he sits lonely on the dark room, afraid to face the coming days without her companion

suddenly he realize that even she's gone physically, the memories remains as long as he wants

he walks away from the comfortable couch and dress up in his best suit

armed with a bottle of champagne and 2 slender glasses, he marches to the graveyard and celebrate their anniversary right there

he talks about his days and he swears he can hear her

they are missing each other

they talk until dark

"People don't really die, unless nobody remember them anymore..."

I wish somebody will love me that way...

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