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Thursday, September 13, 2007
I wish somebody love me like this (II)...

Albert Reilly (21) never woke up after telling his girlfriend that he felt unwell before going to bed

From Albert's girlfriend's myspace -

"I fucking woke up, went to wrap my arms around my fiance, and something stopped me. i opened my eyes, to look up at his blue eyes looking down on me. the shade of his eyes matched the color of his lips. i put my hand on his head, his skin was cold. my heart instantly broke. i felt myself swell up inside. i thought i was going to be sick. the night before, on the way up to bed he told me " i love you my babygirl, i hope i get to wake up to see your beautiful face tomorrow" i said albert stop it baby your fine. we layed down, and the whole time he just kept repeating himself, "im going to die. i dont feel good. i love you babygirl. i dont want to leave you on bad terms, your my babygirl & i love you." i just calmly said back 'baby it will be okay, your gonna wake up tomorrow and be fine'. i didnt think he was actually telling me the truth. hes my fucking superman, and superman NEVER dies. im his kryptanite, im the only thing that can make him weak. i will wait forever for him. i need his body next to mine, his arms around me. his lips kissing mine. i need him now, and ill need him forever. my angel, my superman, my everything. "

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~ Unknown

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~ Thucydides

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