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Saturday, September 01, 2007
My complete merdeka day.
So this is how I spent me Merdeka day holiday

Faisal called me at work and he asked me to join him to Purtajaya. I said yes, and off we go. The traffic was freaking crawling but we managed to get there.

There was so damn many cars, we got tired of queueing, so we drove up the curb and made a u-turn and parked like 5 miles away from the PICC. We walked all the way to the PICC, with me using a giant Malaysian flag as a mantel. Yeah me, Mr. Malaysia!

We arrived at PICC around 10pm which was way early so we decided to kill time by having fun at the fun fair. They robbed us $30 and we had not won anything.

Around 11.45pm or something we got out of the fun fair and sat in the middle of the road and waited the time to strike 12.

On 12pm we shouted "Merdeka" like 3 or 7 times or something, and after that everybody stand up to sing the national anthem. It was beautiful.

And then there goes the fireworks!

I thought it was like 1 or 2 minutes kinda thing...

It turned up to be 30 minutes affair

Which was totally awesome

worth every minute

I slept at Faisal's house that night. The next morning Faisal dropped me at Dataran Merdeka to watch the parade. It was awesome.

There was the military thing at the parade which I totally dig. I love the tanks and the cannon thing. And there was our new Sukhois flying literally on the top of our crown which was totally awesome. (Above pic, attempted to catch the sukhois but they were so damn fast)

That evening me and Epulz went to Mayem's house. Its kinda reunion thing. We had a BBQ but I ate like so little coz we had some BurgerKing when we shop for lambs and salads. Almost everyone came ( Aseng & Nina, Boboy & gf, Mayem & Amy, Bai & Liza, Kerol's away at Medan, Indon).

Talk some shit during Playstation, and below, our burnt food.

Next we went to Ampang to play some cue pool, and I just tagged along coz I never played pool. However they asked me to try, which I did, and you know what, I kicked some ass! I manage to win couples of frames.
After that we have a drink at some mapley, and then everybody's got home.

This is how I spent my holiday.

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