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Saturday, September 22, 2007
Sad day

This morning I woke up very late. In between sleeping and waking up, I heard the radio (which I forgot to switch off yesterday) yapping about the day's news. Mourinho leave Chelsea. YAY! And then the news came... Nurul Jazlin is dead. My heart sunk. I lay on my bed...felt like im dying too. Naturally I'm too ego-ish to cry, but inside I'm screaming.

Like 3 weeks after Nuril Jazlin reported missing, a dead girl was found stuffed inside a gym bag. At first people start to say that the dead girl is Jazlin, but after being identified by Jazlin's parents, it was concluded the poor dead body is not Jazlin's.

Then the DNA test results came, and it was confirmed that the dead girl is Jazlin.

I've seen the dead girl's pic and it's was ... y'know. She looked peaceful, like she's sleeping or something. But who knows what she'd been through. I mean, when she was found, they found a brinjal and cucumber inside her. I know this is sick, but at least I hope the stuff was inserted when she was dead, so she wont suffer. I hope that they found that sick fuck and run that fuck over and over again with train. If not, let the media just release his name and I'm sure street justice will prevail. People will kick his ass like a ravaged wolverine, whatever it is, but you get my point.

To Jazlin's parents and family, be strong. We all has plans but God's plan is the greatest.

Rest in peace baby girl.

Apologize By One Republic ft Timbaland

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