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Tuesday, October 16, 2007
La Familia

I just got back from my hometown this morning and right now I'm in the office, alone.

Initiate flashback in 5..





I went back by train, which was great since I brought the first class ticket so I can sleep comfortably on the adjustable cushion chair, unlike the rigid plastic chair in the economy class which probably could rendered me paralysed from breaking my back. 7 hours later I arrived at my hometown, where I was picked up by my brother. My dad had to work that night. I brought out all my hari raya goodies from my bag, only to found out that the blouses that I bought for my mum was too small.

The next morning, I went for the hari raya prayers with my new baju melayu. When I got back, my dad was home and my mum told me to pack up coz we were going to my great grand father's home. We arrived like 1 hour later and the house was not as noisy as the past years coz not everyone had returned yet. I think the demise of my great grand mother last June may reduced their motivation to return home early this morning.

As the day progressed, more relatives arrived, which multiplied the celebration atmosphere. Around 3 pm, my uncle, Ajit arrived with his wife and his sister, Ijan and her family. I was sleeping at that time but was awoken by the boisterous noise upon his arrival, and when I stepped out of the bedroom, he greeted me with mockery, which shattered the air with laughter. Embarrassed and still sleepy, I returned back to the bedroom and continue my journey to the dreamland.

Ajit was pretty much my older brother. I always looked up to him and in my eyes he is always the coolest guy ever. Sometimes we argued and like a big brother, he let me won. Our age difference is not that much far but he is just always seems older or wiser or cooler or something. When I was young, I always followed him around. Always wanted to do what he did, and always followed what he said. He will always forever be my captain. However over the years we went to separate ways and I guess we just disconnected. We met occasionally, during family gatherings and such.

This hari raya we pretty much talking about anything and everything. We usually laze around the veranda joining the older people talking bullshits. Now and then we went to the secluded area to smoke some pot. He even offered me to play his PSP, which was quite uncharacteristic of him because since we were kids, he shares everything but his toys. Kedekut!

I was pretty much the nanny for Ijan's 1 year old Daniel (picture). He was the cutest kid I ever see and damn friendly too. Y'see sometimes you meet kids who seems attached to their mother's tits, where any effort to cuddle them will trigger the ear splitting shriekings. Daniel is the opposite. He is unafraid to be hold by any stranger (well, except my dad), and he seems to like me and Ajit best. He will bursts into those bubbly giggle when I throw him up in the air or pretending to throw him out of the window. He even refused when I tried to pass him to other person, even to his mum. On the third day, Daniel greeted me when I woke up, and asked me to carry him around right away. I swear I still can smell his baby scent on my shirt.

This hari raya I spent quite a lot, most of it for duit raya since I am working. I also gave my dad my Dunhill watch coz I think he deserved at least that, and he seems pleased coz now he wear it everywhere. Before I depart to KL, I gave my mum some money promising more next time.

This year I will work hard, so I will have a car by the time of next year's raya so I can bring my family everywhere. I will probably pay a visit to Ajit and Ijan's family.

All in all, this is the best raya, and I'm looking forward for next year.

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