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Sunday, November 25, 2007

When The Transformer Movie came out (in US), there was an untitled trailer that make quite a buzz in the entertainment industry. Basically, its about the decapitation of The Statue of Liberty and also NY under massive alien attack and some people just running around with a hand held camera. Some people even dubbed it as War of The Worlds meet Blair Witch. A lot of speculation was made around the movie, about the alien/monster, the plot and other stuff.

The movie was said to be made on a mere $30 mil budget, mainly because it casts unknown actors. The project was so secret, during casting, the actor candidates were given decoy scripts to work on. Even the signing between Paramount Pictures and J.J Abrams was made secret without anyone in the industry knowing it.

Upon the release of the mysterious trailer, plot speculation arises from the media. Some people believe that the movie is an extension or a spin-off of JJ Abrams's signature series, LOST. Others believe that the movie is about parasitic aliens (where in the trailer you can see a woman goes balloon), and even some says its an Asian-robotic Voltron styled movie. A story from HP Lovecraft also named as a possible plot.

One thing that can be confirmed is its a monster movie. JJ Abrams was quoted that he got the idea when he and his son visited Japan and he thought that America has no real intense giant monster like Japanese Godzilla/Gojira.

Before Cloverfield, various name was said to be the working title of the movie, including The Parasites, Slusho, Colossus and (believe it or not) Chocolate Outrage.

Some insiders said that the web page slusho.jp contains hidden clues about the movie. Basically it's about soda drink or some sort, that was made by a little whale's son or some shit like that. Its kawaii and creepy.

On 1-18-08.com, you can find like 6 pictures innit. Every picture is time coded except the one with a hyper happy jap chef cooking something like pizza or lasagna or some shit (Izzit Ganu?). I keep the website open for like 15 minutes or something and there was an audio of a growl of some kind of a monster like Godzilla or King Kong came out which frankly freaks me out (currently its 5.26am and I'm alone at the office).

I hope that this movie will kick some serious ass like Transformers.
Trailer on youtube

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