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Monday, November 12, 2007
no sweat, dude
Everyone knows this feeling. Every person has experienced the tingling sensation of an aching heart upon seeing this.

Months ago, it was a chilly night and your "friend," forgot a sweater. You dutifully handed one of yours over, and never saw it again. Until, that is, you were on facebook, and there, on your "friend's" body, it sits.

Every time you request to have it back, you hear these excuses..

"Yeah, I will bring it tomorrow."
"I don't know where it is.."
"what sweater?..."
"I have to wash it..."

Sound familiar? How about this little scenario guys?

Your once girl-friend "borrowed" hoodies, comfortable sweat pants, shorts, and other various items. Upon the inevitable break-up (she was a bitch) you then found yourself lacking some of your favorite possessions. Now, after the break up there is definitely the awkward span of time where no one talks. However, you may approach the subject of getting your shit back after a minimum of one week. You will find that immediately, your ex will fully support this decision, and agree to return your possessions.

However, Two weeks later you will not have received them, and have now lost all control. You are forced to give up hope as you no longer want to talk to your ex, and she acts as if you never mentioned returning anything..

Ladies, For your scenario..

Your friend is going out on a date with a "hottie," (he isn't, but you know she needs this so you pretend to agree) and requests to borrow that "cute shirt that looks slutty but isn't" (....sure ladies...) that you love so much. You are a good friend, and lend it.

Two weeks later, you realize your mistake, because you are girl and have stolen your friend's clothing also.

However, though you are a raging hypocrite, the pain nevertheless continues as you see her again and again wearing those items as if they are truly hers.

Both guys and girls experience this, and as we continue through college, we continue to see pictures on the internet of your once-favorite clothing, each time reigniting both a bitterness for that person, as well as the fond memory of your favorite sweater.

Sadly, there is no cure for this. You can attempt to steal it back during breaks, but it most likely will not happen. You must do what everyone else does, and keep the memory of your once favorite shit deep inside your heart, and continue on with life.

PS-It is perfectly acceptable to accuse the person of this crime, as long as you say "That's my sweater, bitch." (or other items)


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