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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Wedding Flicker
Last Sunday, I went to my Limje's wedding. After made arrangements with Najib Y, which I promised to be at the commuter station at 12, which of course I was waaay late, we went there by 2 cars, me, Najib Y, Doyok, Ra'i, Komeng and Choi Sok. When we reached Seremban, there was already Pudin, which surprisingly become the best man, the second time he did, after Farid's wedding. He now sealed his position as the batch official's best man. Later, other Shahians came, Zack, Zaidi, that Ilmu girl and Ah Chong with his family on tow. Limje despite his petite statue looked fabulous in his pink songket, which he denied as pink, its reddish purple.

After the wedding, I went to Bukit Jalil Sports Complex to watch the finals of Hockey Champions Cup. I manage to catch the 3rd 4th game between Holland and South Korea. Damn those Korean lads are big. They are even bigger than the Holland players. I could only whish I am as big as them. Holland manage to beat Korea 3-2 where one of my fav player Taeke Taekima scored. Later that night, the finals between world cup champion Germany and close rivals Australia started. My hockey coach was there too with his family. All I can say is the game was fucking great. It was 70 minutes of non stop, world class action. Germany manage to convert a penalty corner on the first half, and later I found myself rooting for ther Aussies to score a goal, so that I can wacth more of the game in the extra time. It was like orgasmic hockey galore, and I don't want it to end. The game ended with Germany once again clinched the champion title despite an onslaught from the Aussies team. A well deserved win I must say.

And now I'm back at the office. My shitty office.

Before I signed off, here's hot beautiful strangers

and a daily dosage of Megan Fox

rz, out!

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