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Friday, March 14, 2008
Game Ovah!

I'm like, a huge fan of video games. In my college years, I can stay all night long playing video games, and sleep through all class. I love playing strategy games like command & conquers, Warcraft etc. Speaking of Warcraft, I would love to develop a strategy game so badass, Halo3 looks like Mario Bros, the prehistoric version.

The game will be called, Fightasia. I know, so clever right? Its like fight but in asia. OMG I'm so genius! Basically the game is about monopolitic domination. The player can choose between two side of war. Ok now let's go to the best part, the characters.

Team 1: The Governor: The Kilos

This tribe consisted of many smaller tribes, but decided to coagulate together for some unclear reasons. They are like zombies, who blindly follows the tribe leader's orders. Extremely conservative, they love their old ways of life. But don't be deceived by their old schoolness, since they are very strong collectively. Their youngs are trained in a smaller samseng group or triads. There's only one way to defeat them, which is by throwing money their way; and with the enough amount, they will do whatever you desire.

Team 2: The Rebels: The Moonwalkers, the Rocketeers and the Eyes.

Unlike the Governor, the rebels are actually consisted of three distinctive teams. They have their own agendas, but it seems that their desire to see The Governor fall flat on their face, put them in the same page.

The Moonwalkers.

They are said to be the descendants of Moon Saint, so they thought they are special and supreme. Masked by the serene outlook, they are actually quite a terror. They are the specialist in the area of shape-shifting, mob fighting and suicide bombing. They are the brawn of this coalition. They never crotch-grab, but their moonwalk is to die for. So thriller!

The Rocketeers.

Also known as the brains and money maker of this team. They are the technology and mind manipulator specialists. They are seldom seen but their propaganda can be heard everywhere, because instead of fighting physically, they choose to do what they do best, blogging. Oh, and they are physically weak, so they travel with cute little jet pack on their back. OMG so kawaii!!

The Eyes.

They are actually have the traits of previous two groups. They shape-shift very well and they claimed to be oh so brilliant. They recruit reformed zombies and resend them to the Kilos tribe, to recruit more zombies. Their direction in life and real motive are never known, so it's stipulated that they join the rebels just for fun. Oh, and they have black eyes. The black eyed peeps is their street name. Oh My Humps!

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