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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
I wanna love you

Now I'm at my desk pretending to be working. OMG I hate my new boss. I think she adds more negative vibe, and I just can't help but hating her. Worst thing is my desk is next to her, and I feel like she's breathing down my neck every single seconds. And I bet her breath sucks.

To eliminate the negative energies around me, I activated the happy thoughts mode. And today I would like to discuss about my TV/silver screen crush(es).

I always think that Julia Roberts is adorable. Her beautiful eyes radiates warmth and her big mouth is so... ermm.. big. She would be great if she's a puppy, it just I have to be more careful coz a puppy with big mouth is prone to choke on large objects like pillow or sofa set. I just want to reach to her and squeeze her tight. And I love when she's laughing. It feels like, when she's laughing there's no trouble in the world.

And who doesn't love Jennifer Lopez? She's like a perfect woman with booty that shakes eternally. I can imagine the ripples when I smack that junk. Thee he.

Speaking of Jennifer, I'm also digging Jennifer Garner. Although she always play that badass dyke-magnet woman, I love it when she's crying. It looks so real with the sobbings and everything. I can watch she cry all night.

Angelina Jolie captivates me ever since I watched Gia. I have a thing with big mouth, coz you know what they say with women with big lips. Her collagenful lips look ever so deliciously chewable. I don't mind her five forehead tho. And lately, a new breed of Angelina Jolie has arrived, and Megan Fox is a fine specimen. Skinny enough to fit in super tight jeans, tall enough to let me stare at her tities and deadly enough to kill me. For Megan Fox, I'll transform into a Ducati, and let her ride me all year long.

There's one woman that make me head over heels for her. I actually don't really know her name, but she's one of the dancers in Akon's "I Wanna love you" vids. The one with black elbow length top, black tight panties and ankle boots. Her hair was shiny black tamed with eyebrow length bangs that framed her strong jawed face. I don't really know why, but I really wanna love her. I guess that's love at the first sight. And she can lap dance too. My strong lap will be her stage forever and ever.

Ok that's it! I'll be someone popular/rich and I'll hunt her down.


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