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Saturday, March 01, 2008
Xbox Xmas Prank

I know what to expect when I clicked the picture because:
1. The title is "X-Box X-mas Prank"
2. There's a black kid in the picture

Ok let's play 'The Notice' game:
1. Notice that the kid was like 10 years old, so when he rip the present open and notice the xbox box, he felt the luckiest kid in the world.
2. Notice that he dramatically dropped the box in disbelieve.
3. Notice that when he realized what's really in the box, his world crumbled down to the eruptuous laughs from his family.
4. Notice that his brother was the first to feel bad, and said that they couldn't afford the real xbox. Maybe they can't afford it because all the money is used to buy his fat momma's food, and camera, and hair stylist.
5. Notice that his momma is fat.
6. Notice that his momma trying to uplift the mood by uttering "Well you get the X 'box'"
7. Notice that the kid starting to cry and his brother told him to take the camera and cry.
8. Notice that the kid look at his mother in utter disappointment.
9. Notice that the fat momma couldn't bear the disappointment stare from his son.
10. Notice that the momma left the scene, probably ashamed of her tasteless joke, and probably eat her heart out to take away the pain, adding another 15 pound to her voluptuous 300 lbs frame.
11. Notice that the stupid grandfather can't stop laughing and died of stroke later that evening.
12. Notice that the kid will grow up into a serial killer/drug dealer/robber/rapper.

Your momma's so fat she could be the eighth continent.

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