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Monday, April 21, 2008
Ghetto Talk

I found these funny quotes designed for myspace kids who feelin' a lil' gangsta, yaknowwhatI'msayin'...

MaKe sUre u CaN bAcK uP
wHaT u FLaP Up
ShUt tHa FuCK uP

YoU rEaLLy aInT dAt PrEtTy
YoU rEaLLY aInT dAt sMaRt
So WhAt gIVeS u Da RigHt
To ThInK u CaN tEaR pPL aPaRt

D0nT GeT MaD WeN yA MaN tUrnZ aRou N LicKs his LiPz
wHilE sAyIn 'WaIt a Min'
It aInT mY FaLt I wAs BoRn W/ TheSe NiCe AzZ hIpZ

CoMe On ByTcH WaNnA GeT ThInGs StArTeD
No NeEd To FuCc U Up YoU AlReAdY LoOk ReTaRdEd

*~ByTcHeS sTaRe 'N' mAkE a FuSs~*
*~OnE qUeStIoN .. jEaLoUs MuCh?!~*

Ur NoT WoRtH MY TiMe & CaN't TaKe MY PLaCe
So WhAtEvA U GoTtA SaY HoE, SaY iT To MY FaCe

FoR ALL U LiL HoEs ThAt TaLk ShlT
MY NaMe AiNt dlCk So KEep It OuT Ur MoUtH

iM sicK oF aLL tHeSe LiL ByTcHeZ FLaPpIn
KeEp On YaPpIn..CuZ pReTtY sOoN iMa StArT sLaPpIn

y0 i MuSt bE siCK wIt mY fLoW
g0t DeM tHuGz ScReAmIn " ay0o"
gLaNcE OvA?...hElL n0!

ByCheZ sMiLe iN mA fAcE
& -aCt sO FrIeNdlY-
tHen WaLk AwAy
WiT hAte & HeArtZ FuLL oF Envy

dOnT gEt PiSSeD iF u GeT DiSSeD
Ur JuSt aNoThA HoE oN mY "gOt PiMpEd" LiSt

NoToRiouZ FroM HeaD 2 ToE
NawTy aZ HeLL BuT I Ain*T No HoE

All YeW HoeZ ThiNk YeR FiNe
* HaHa.. pLeaZe.. *
I*ll SteaL Ya MaN n sTiLL KeeP MiNe!

*u TaLk ShYt..SaY iT WiToUt a tRaCe
CuM oN bE a GaNxTa ChiCc-n sAy iT 2 Ma FaCe
iF u CaNT WaLk Da WaLk DuNt TaLk Da TaLk
CuZ FaKE LiL ByTcHeS GeT OuTLiNeD iN cHaLk*

WheN i WaLk In Da HaTaZ sToP n sTaRe
WeLL kEeP oN LoOkiN cUz i DuN FuKiN cAre
i HaVe MaH oWn LyFe N sTyLe
iM nOt TrYiN tA pLeAzE u Or MaKe Ya sMyLe

I'm so sorry about the font and the spelling. You know kids these days... so stupid.


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~ Thucydides

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