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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
I Heart NY

I have to admit that I'm a sucker for all things American. Their Hollywood god and goddess are easily the perfect template for the near future human cloning project, their technology and gadgetry is highly cool and fashionable, their pop culture is basically the culture for the world, and even the politics is deliciously gripping, filled with beautiful people. Albeit many countries especially in Asia, hated America for getting its dirty hands into other country's panties (read private issues), I just think that they all are pure sore loser. A whining crying bully victim. A stomped over dead roadkill carcass. I don't mean to be mean, but I think its cool to be in the stronger side.

Everything is palatable in American menu. Their politics is just as cool as the Hollywood movies they provide. Full of drama, enthusiasm and bullshit, and not to mention highly attractive intelligent serious people. It is such a good TV. I'm not saying that Malaysian politicians are unattractive and fugly, but in all honestly, yes they are. Darling, if your face is not for TV, then you should just stick to radio and newspaper interviews. No picture please.

And their campaign is emotionally charged. Every agenda is creatively turned and manipulated into human stories. Kudos to their PR people. And have you watch Obama-Clinton race? Their sexual tension is so thick, you can't cut it even with a chainsaw. And they are perfectly made beautiful charismatic people.

I know people will say, politician are elected for their leadership not for their look. But seriously, you are not leading blind people. You are leading people with highly trained superficial traits and people with soft places for beautiful things. No one want to cradle scabby hairless chinese crested when you can pet a purring fluffy raggamuffin kitten.

So here my friend, I think I want to start a new trend that is abandoning one's local political scene and dive into American politic arena for the sake of coolness. Jump into the train (of awesomeness). Let us divide ourselves into democrats and republican. Ride an ass or an elephant. This is the star spangled Jalur Gemilang.

Old people just suck.

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