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Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's been awhile since I write anything about myself here, so now I think it's better to give my updates to my readers, all 2 of you. So, OK currently I'm fishing for a job opening my company have in KL, and so far I had send a formal letter to my bigger boss (not the bitch that terrorizing my office!), and the feed back is so far, very promising. Man, I'm tired or working here. So much drama and unnecessary political shit. Like yesterday, one of my male co worker was re transferred to the HQ because people accusing him of having an affair with a client, which is so not true (I know coz he's my roommate). It's totally a casual thing. People are totally accusing the wrong man. And the best part is, when the bigger boss was told by my bitchy manager (duh, who else? Effin' backstabber!), he immediately told my manager that my roommate must report back to HQ this coming Monday, coz he actually wanted him to be there. It's like a perfect opportunity. So, if I'm successfully transfered to KL, I'll see him again, or even maybe we'll be put in the same department. But I'm secretly wanting to work with new people.

And as you people noticed, I made a minor facelift to this webpage by tweaking and adding codes. Some turned out ok, some didn't. Like, I don't really understand why the marquee thing don't appear no more eventhough there's no error in codes. Whatthehell, like who cares. And I added some new songs to the mp3 widget, but today the whole thing doesn't work, and I was like, wtf? So I went to Boxstr.com to see what happen, but I can't open my account. WTF?? So the only option left is to open a new account at fileden.com and upload my musics there. Currently I'm so into hip hop music. I really dig "Swaggerright" by The Movement, a Jabbawockeez's member, Phil Tayag rap group. It's so damn dope! Madonna's 4 minute is good too, although I'm kinda over Justin Timberlake.

Alright, till next time. Adios amigos.

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