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Friday, April 11, 2008
Recipe for succesfulness
I love to cook although I hate to eat. That's why I'm so skinny. So this is pitch for my would be cook show for college guys. Its easy and fun!

Makes a terrible stress ball.
(from CollegeHumor)

Wassup dude!!
In this edition, we will show you how to make Fried Rabbit In My Heart.

First, get the cutest baby rabbit you could get your hands on to. The operative word here is baby, like this one. I steal it while its mother is nursing it. Its name is Little Joey.

Now, I'm sure that the rabbit will struggle for its dear life. To calm it down, gently pet its head to give an illusion that you are not a monster that eats cute furry little animals. If the thing still struggle, put it on the ground and stomp on it. They actually love being stomped on. Now don't electrocute it, coz we know, electrocution is for murderers and child rapists.

Now take the biggest machete and slit its throat. Watch how funny it twitches. hahaha.

As you all know, we can't consume fur. So skin the baby rabbit with love. The fur can be made into a full coat if you kill enough baby rabbit. Nothing warms you up in the winter chill than dead animal skin. Don't forget to cut off its tail and ears and donate it to the Playboy foundation, which help young and hot teenagers who aspire to be a playmate.

Take the naked baby rabbit and cut it into eight part. *chomp chomp chomp* Most of you don't know that rabbit's eye is quite delicious, its like eating a new born koala bear. So right now, I'm gonna take out its eyes. *scoop*

Make sure that you warm the oil beforehand. Now put the rabbit parts into the frying pan one by one with love. You can fry the head if you want to.

After done frying, serve it on a plate of garden salad, with its eyes as garnishing.

There you go, Fried Rabbit In My Heart. Good luck!

Remember, a dinner with love is fucking awesome!
Don't forget to tune up next week for Kitten Soup For Soul. Bubbye!


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