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Wednesday, May 07, 2008
A Beginning Is The End Is A Beginning

As what you all already notice (all 2 of you), I have made some major facelift (or a botched nose job, depending on your taste) to my blog. And as I stated before, the reason behind this mayjah overhaul is because I'm getting sick of my cluttered and messy looking former blog look. Frankly, it justs me. I never satisfied of anything so I keep adding codes and stuff into it until it turned out as tragic as Michael Jackson's fucked melting face.

I am actually a minimalist at heart. I don't like wearing any kind of jewelery (I even hate to wear wrist watch), or wearing layers of shirts. I find it suffocating and tedious. So having a blog with so much thing going on did kinda choke me to near nervous breakdown ala Mariah Carey circa 2002.

It all started when I signed up for the latest 'IT' trend, Tumblr. It's basically another blogging platform which become an instant hit with American college students. It boasts sleek and minimalist design, easy to use interface (like fo' real) and it comes with a lil' widget for your PC so whenever you see something interesting in the web, you can directly linked it to your Tumblr page. However, as good as it may seem, tumblr does have some shortcomings. For one, you cannot comment on your or your friend's post as they have no commenting section. The fact where there's no archiving section is also a major turn off.

Anyways, I was so impressed with their design, I decided to implement it in my blog. A lil' tweaking suddenly became a major makeover. Maybe I'm kinda a nerd (read: computer literati slash genius) because I found playing with codes is so addictive. Make no mistake, I flunk my C++ subject in my study days which translate I have no effing clue on whats going on. I only did all the codes by pattern I saw among the codes. So, whatever.

I actually had a hard time changing the old look because I felt I am connected to it (I know right, psycho!). I love the Jabbawockeez thing I did back then, but I couldn't put it in the new codes because it'll look messy. I had to sacrifice the flash mp3 player because it simply too big and took the dynamic off the look. It was a hard decision since I LOVE music very much and I love the song Swaggeright by The Movement. Parting is such a sweet sorrow but whatever.

Am I going to change the codes again and mess things up? I dunno. Only time will tell.

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