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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
The Freshmen
OK, I admit right now I'm posting too much youtube vids, but currently I'm revisiting my love for rock musics. I tried not to post ALL my fave songs but this one, I can't help it but to share with you.

It was 1997, and this song was the shit back then. I listened to it every time it played on the radio. Back then there's no iPod and CDs was so damn expensive. Perhaps mp3 wasn't invented back then. Ok it was invented, but not everyone can afford a PC so...

Anyways, The Verve Pipe's The Freshmen is melancholy in sound waves. I do some research, and the song is said to be based on a real event. However, there's three version of the story. Here they are...

Story #1:
The band's lead singer Brian Vander Ark got his girlfriend pregnant, and he suggested that the baby to get aborted since they were still young. The girlfriend aborted the baby, and after that they were guilt stricken and depressed. They moved on and decided not to discuss about it. Brian get the idea for the title from Marlon Brando's "The Freshmen".
"Stop a baby's breath and a shoe full of rice"

Story #2:
The next story actually involves the whole band. When they were touring, they had this groupie who slept with each member. They pass her around because, well its her job. Sorry, can't help it. Anyways, eventually the girl fell in love with one of the band member, but unfortunately she was rejected. Epic burn. They pushed her away. She however returned and tried to renew her friendship with the band, but again, she was pushed away. She got depressed and finally, she took her own life. Traggic. The group felt really bad about their douchebaggeriness and decided to pay her tribute with this song.
"I won't be held responsible
She fell in love in the first place "

Story #3:
One fateful day, the lead singer had a dinner at a diner and overheard a group of college dudes (hence, 'the freshmen') talking about their bro and his gal. Well, they had sex and the girl goes preggo and went pro-choice. Their decision however haunted them and they felt guity about it.
"What made us think that we were wise and
We'd never compromise "

Judging from the stories, we can came to one conclusion. Men are assholes. Well, sometimes we are but we can't help to make mistakes. To err is human.

When I was young I knew everything
And she a punk who rarely ever took advice
Now I'm gilt stricken,
Sobbing with my head on the floor
Stop a baby's breath and a shoe full of rice
I can't be held responsible
Cause she was touching her face
I won't be held responsible
She fell in love in the first place

For the life of me I cannot remember
What made us think that we were wise and
We'd never compromise
For the life of me I cannont believe
We'd ever die for these sins
We were merely freshmen

My best friend took a week's
Vacation to forget her
His girl took a weeks's worth of
Valium and slept
Now he's guilt stricken sobbing with his
Head on the floor
Thinks about her now and how he never really
Wept he says

We've tried to wash our hands of all this
We never talk of our lacking relationships
And how we're guilt stricken sobbing with our
Heads on the floor
We fell through the ice when we tried not to
Slip, we'd say

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