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Friday, May 09, 2008
Iron Man '08

If you thought last summer's Transformers is the shit, you better watch this movie.

Iron Man review retelling after the link...
Warning spoilers ahead!

Ok first of all I never read Iron Man comics. The closest contact I have been with Iron Man character was playing Capcom VS Marvel games in Sungai Wang arcade circa 2000, which besides Cable, is the only character you could gain marvelous superpowers combo. Like hundreds and hundreds of hits points. Initially, I thought Iron Man is so uninteresting character. You know, the 60's industrial look was so not hip in the age of sleek and minimalist iPod and other apple merchandises. However, I realized how wrong I was. We'll get to that point later.

The movie opens with Tony Stark, a cooler younger arrogant version of Bill Gates only that he designs cutting edge weaponry stuff, having a test/presentation go wrong. He was abducted by the Afghan terrorist and put into a cave with some other arab 'scientist', to develop a new superweapon. He hen proceed with inventing a compact size power reactor (that looks eerily like those LED torch lights from the pasar malams) to give him energy or some shit (another happy customer? - Ultraman brothers). Other than that, he squeezed in a full body metal armour that can shoot bullets and also doubled as flame thrower (with a compact gas canister I might add) and can fly away with the cliched jet sprouted under his soles.

Needless to say, he annihilated the mountains of terrorist and fly back to US soil in like 2 minutes. Back home he was greeted by his tall and lanky assistant Pepper Potts and his partner in crime Obadiah Stane. Reformed, he decided to shut down his weaponry factory much to the dismay of Stane. He also decided to make another body armour to undo his mistakes to the world.

Back in Afghanistan, the leader, Raza managed to re-ensemble Stark's former body armour and tried to make a deal with, surprise surprise, Obadiah Stane. Stane trumped Raza by using this sound paralyzer thing, and current Islamaphobia sentiment ends there. Stane then proceed to steal Stark's pocket reactor to power his body armour, Codename: Iron Monger. Things get ugly after that, with Peppers being hunted, and major body armour battle ensured. And of course Iron Man triumphed Iron Monger in the end.

I have to say, this movie is a move to make people over 35 looks cool. I mean, after the youth galore in Transformer, Jon Favreau, did tried to outdid Bruckheimer, and by the looks of it, he sure did. Iron Man is Robert Downey Jr. vehicle, where admists Oscar winners line up, he still manage to steal all the limelight.

Tony Stark is an antihero with smart-ass attitude. His humor lighten the otherwise serious political flavoured action flick. The visual effect with Iron Man's shiny metallic feature, small parts moving ala Transformer and all, is breathtaking.

Other characters is well developed or still developing. Stark-Potter love tension is well played but most credits of supporting act should be given to Jeff Bridges in his portrayal of power hungry Stane. At first I didn't recognize him bit bald head and all. There's also a side character, a reporter Christine Everhart (Leslie Bibb) that I bet might be returning for Iron Man 2. Oh, there's Terrence Howard, but his character as Jim Rhodes, Stark's best buddy is rather trivial. I bet he'll gonna go big in the next sequel.

All in all, I think that Iron Man is the best 2008's summer movie, with the over $100 million opening. That, and I heard Wachowski brothers (or brother and sister?)'s Speed Racer really suck.

And I predict in year 2020 when the Iron Man franchise got tired, they will make an 'Iron Man vs Transformers' movie ala AVP. I'm just saying...


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