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Sunday, May 11, 2008
A late night movie.

I am bored to death, so I decided to watch 27 Dresses coz there's no other movie I haven't watch but this one. She's hot.

Update #1 1.00 am:
It opens with Katherine Heigl, that Lizzie chick from Grey's Anatomy (the less annoying one) runs back and forth between 2 weddings. Turned up she's actually THE bridesmaid for both occasion. And other (many) weddings too, judging from the closet full of ugly bridesmaid dresses. She meet a random handsome guy (that Cyclops guy from X-Men) who's actually notice her running around. At work she is totally over the hill over her dashing care free boss, but he didn't actually notice her feeling about her or whatever...

I need to pee and make another drink. Currently, I'm growing some breasts and my balls are almost fallen off. And I need to smoke, and act butch.

Update #2 1.35am:...
OK Katherine character's sister is like so totally steals her love interest and going to marry him. She's devastated but decides to pull a happy face. She's stalked by a random handsome man (yeah, how close to reality. Random handsome guy..) who actually gathering his material for nuptial industry. She's starting to let him in. Oh I can see the ending miles away. She'll going to discover that she's actually an assignment 'material' and going to be wrecked, and Cyclops going to be so sorry, and they made up, and live happily ever after.

Oh, and by the way, my breasts now fully grown into a comfortable B-cup and I left my balls in the freezer, for re-attachment purposes. Help me, I'm getting gooey! More cigar, mo caffeine.

Update #3 2.13am:
As I predicted, the story goes national after they have sex. To Cyclops's defense, his boss run the story even though he told his boss to hold it. Of course he wanted the whole thing done before the bomb dropped. Epic fail. Anyways, she did back stabbed her overbearing bridezilla sister on their pre-wedding dinner by telling the ugly truth about her sister via... get this... powerpoint presentation. Burn!

I am currently brushing my golden locks and painting my nails with Loreal Lushnails Color #4.

Final Update!
Update #4 2.42am:
Well, Katherine made up with her sister. She finally get to kiss her crush/boss and quits her job. She manage to catch Cyclops at a wedding (on a boat by the way), profess her love and outshine the real bride and groom. They get married with her 29 bridesmaids (27 from her last assignment, complete with their ugly bridesmaid gowns) and they live happily ever after...

Excuse me while I'm reattaching my balls. Now I'm hungry...


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