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Friday, May 02, 2008
My lil' brother was almost abducted.

There are sick people roaming our streets. Heartless people who snatch away kids not only from their home, but from the hearts of people who dearly loved them. To this date, there are 2033 children who were reported missing and their whereabouts are still a puzzling mystery. While some of them fall in the case of runaway cases, most of them just disappeared from the streets without a trace. Some families ended with the most devastating news. Innocent children were found murdered, injured or brutally raped.

Unlike movie kidnappings which kidnappers demanded ransom money, these sick individuals just want to fill their own sick sexual desires. I just can’t imagine how they could do the thing they do amidst the screaming of the hurting children.

Recently, I met my mother and in the middle of home affairs updates, she dropped the bomb. My lil’ brother was almost kidnapped. Needless to say, I was shocked and dumbfounded. It was definitely a major OMG moment. She told me that my brother participated in a choir competition, and with hundreds of children, the teachers must be really busy and unable to keep track of every children. My brother was asked by a man around my age to fetch his shoes at a shop.

He followed the request without suspecting anything wrong (I know right, so stupid. If I was there, I’ll smack his head too). When he get to the staircase, the abductor cast a pukau (a black magic spell, where upon casting, the victim will be totally hypnotized), and laid my brother on the floor. I bet he is an amateur, coz while his spell manage to weaken my brother, my bro still realized what’s still going on. The abductor then proceeded to bite my brother’s feet, which I believe a step to strengthen his spell. While the abductor fulfilled his foot fetish, my brother silently reads the holy prayers, which kept him awake.

Awhile later, the abductor asked my brother to follow him to his car. Outside, my brother managed tell the abductor that my father is around waiting for him (which was a lie, my dad’s at work). The abductor must felt really anxious, ditch my brother and walked away. At home, he didn’t make much fuss and didn’t go all dramatic about it. He just nonchalantly told my sister “Hey, check out my feet. Some random dude bite it”, to which everybody starts trippin’. Imagine how crayzay my mom was.

As much as this event caught me off guard, I’m just ever so grateful that my brother wasn’t abducted or hurt, and the fact that he uses my skill of deceiving people I inherited to him in a good way. Haha kidding! But seriously, if anything bad happened to any of my family, I’ll be totally devastated and go all Rambo about it. I just want to remind everyone, if this thing can happen to my family, it can happen to you too. Do not take anything for granted. Seriously, teach the young kids to stay away from strangers and walk in groups. These so little step can save so many heartbreaks.

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