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Thursday, May 08, 2008
Smoke gets in your eyes.

There is only one industry that albeit with so much obvious dissing and unsupported by government and society at large, it still growing exponentially. They're even banned from TV and anything connected to it is deemed bad. Admist all the hateration, the product is used by almost every layers of society, the rich and the poor, blue and white collar, men and women, young and old.

Yes people, I'm talking about smoking. A necessary among us, the cooler bunch. Yes our clothes reeks and our breath smells worse than your oh-so-perfect breath, but at least we're helping our country's economy. You know how many tax money the government imposed on the tobacco industry, which also the main reason on why the cigarettes here cost your first born son. You can raise the cigarette's price as high as you can, but people will still buy it.

Yes it can cause grieve dangerous cancer and shizs, but in the age where people consume chemical stuff everyday and use petrol chugging vehicles (which produce even more killer smoke), what else is safe? Just surrender to the fact that life isn't fair. You can treat you body like a temple, but it can't make you invincible against road accidents. Live life to the fullest yo!

OK, confession time. I've been smoking quietly since my late primary school days, and get out of the smoking closet when I'm 18. I think it was a right age to come out. Your parents can't say nothing and nosy people can't say shit coz you're out of school. It's like an unwritten rules in my family, you can smoke the shit out only after you're 18. If you are caught smoking before 18, you are entitled for a serious beating.

Almost all males in my family smokes-Only the pussified bunch don't. We even trade cigarettes or helping each other if one's smoke is out. In festivity gatherings, it was like some major rain forest fire going on. OK, a lil' exaggeration, but seriously, there's smoke everywhere. And by the way, no lung cancer among us, yet.

Actually I actually hate seeing kids in school uniform smoking. I can feel the douchebaggeriness oozing from them. If you want to smoke, fine. Just do in privately, or not in school uniform. It just screams, "look at me! I'm so gangsta as shit! I'll rape your sister!". I mean, come on. One of these days, I'll start driving my car over those douchebags.

Anyways, I do think people mostly don't really give a damn about us smokers - only a handful who keep messing with people's business (not you, Wira. Haha. I love you). I usually tried not to smoke when young kids are around. It's the least I can do. And by the way, I'm a Marlboro man. Cool, traditional and rugged. Come on admit it, you can't resist a bad man. GGRRRReow!

*gallops to the sunset*


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