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Friday, May 23, 2008
Snake eyes

Back in the day, when handphones were monochrome and simple, there wasn't much to do other than sending texts and making missed-calls. And the only entertainment there was in those handphones were a simple snake game(in Nokia pre-historic models) where you navigate a moving line onto a random dot and the snake will grow longer until you dead ended yourself. Although simple in execution, I think snakes were the most entertaining handphone's game of all time.

In my pre-college programme, almost all of the students had nokia handphones, and other than secretly reading personal texts that people forget to delete, we checked each other's snake's highest score. From there we can judge concentration and intelligence level of each individuals. When stumbled upon scores lower than us, we can't help to talk shit and tried to annihilate their highest score much to the owners dismay.

We also played cruel jokes on each other by missed calling the person who was in a deep concentration of snake, and ultimate swearing would ensure. But there's no other crueler prank than reseting the high score in other people's phone.

There are many strategy on being a successful giant snake charmer. Mine was zig zagging with the finest precision, where some applied the spiral technique.

The game become out of fashion after colour screened handphones were invented, where people choose more complex java games. However in my opinion, these game can't beat the popularity the snake once reigned.

Oh and while we are in the topic, let us watch the handphone evolution. Man, we've come a long way.

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