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Sunday, May 18, 2008
Snuff much?

It's like a hip thing to see gore disturbing clips and never flinch a muscle. Your fellas will kinda respect you if you stayed cool after watching gore clips or even better they wanted you see your reactions. Thanks for the existence of internet, these kind videos spread across the world like a wild fire. You may download it and transfer it into your handphones so you can show your peeps how cool you are. I admit that I used to watch these kind of videos.

I had watched many disturbing videos and tried to appear cool if people are around (by people, I really mean my laughing dudes in the background). By far the most violent thing I watched was this russian soldier who are slaughtered alive. He was laid sideways, with his hand and legs bound and his head under some guy's army boot. Then the guy was stabbed just under the jaw with an army knife and like cutting a cake, his throat was slitted open. The poor guy was left bleeding with blood gushing out and he literally sounds like a slaughtered cow, jokes aside.

Then some times later I watched again this vid about another russian soldier ( I think they were Chechen). I figured they did something wrong, like a traitor or something since they look beaten pretty bad. They were lined up and all I can see in their face was desperation and hopelessness. Some of them beg for forgiveness while others just gave up. Then they were given guns and later I think they were put inside an armored tank. Later the video showed the tank was shot at and later blown. The video ended with a picture of mangled and blown man.

What struck me was, I just see him alive and begging a few minutes earlier and now I'm seeing his dead body or what left of it. I feel like I'm a part of whatever that killed them...

My ex-office mate once showed the autopsy pictures of Nurin Jazlin, the murdered kidnapped victim last year. She was so into it after looking for it for several days. I don't really look at it coz I think that it was disrespectful. She even went a step further by printing the pictures, and I was like what the fuck are you doing but I couldn't say nothing coz her rank is higher than mine. I wonder who she showed the picture to. I don't think she has a boyfriend coz she's fat and ugly as sin.

I watched Untraceable, starring Diane Lane, and I couldn't agree more for what the message the story bring. It's about an FBI division fighting cyber crime and they came across a website www.killwithme.com which kill people slowly and stream it live. The more higher the hits, the faster the victim die. Upon investigation, the culprit was identified and his main motive was to punish people for making his father's suicide video a rating hit. We often awed or even ridiculed people who were caught in compromising position in the snuff clips, but we forget to think about how much pain or embarrassment it bring to the victim's family. It's a jungle out there, but are we the animals?

Oh, and don't forget to go to www.killwithme.com, it's a legit webpage.


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