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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Stealing From Girl Scouts

Girls everywhere getting classier each day.
(more vid and in depth analysis after the link...)

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OK here's my theory. Since the scout girl's older sister is a classmate of those two hos, I think there's more depth in this situation other than some petty felony. The older sister must have a higher rank in their social pact (either that or the older sister is hotter, e.g. queen bee of skanks) so she ordered her two minions who aspire to be a new queen bee to 'rob' her lil' sister's money. Then the lil sister get press coverage, and more people buy her cookies out of sympathy. The minion hos get fame and respect. Its a clever concocted win win situation. It's hard to be girls these days. Selling your body just don't cut it anymore.

OK, I'm kidding. I think this is what world has come for. As much as we wanted to blame the tv for all the wrong in the juvenile behavior, it actually really comes down to bad parenting or the lack of it. I mean, who let their kids wear THAT in public, and bleach their hair with a tasteless color. If I see anyone with a wrong hair color, I'll go, OMG, skank alert! Anyway, its actually human nature. In every social group, there will be a bully and a victim. You can find bullying everywhere. In kindergarten, in school, in college, in office, and even in retirement house. Human actually feels empowered when they stomp on other human. Just accept it, coz we can't fight what are we made of. Embrace it. Be fierce!

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