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Friday, June 13, 2008
8 things i hate about you... tagged by Ikmal

8 things i passionate about:
1. Music
2. Dancing (I don't dance. I just love to watch ppl dance)
3. Friends
4. Sex (duh!)
5. Movies
6. funny stuff
7. Jabbawockeez
8. World peace *pageant wave*

8 things i say or i do often:
1. *firstly, i dont talk much*
2. huh?
3. huh!
4. ...huh...
5. huh.
6. (huh)
7. uh...
8. mothaffff...

8 things i've read recently:
1. my report for meeting which i read over and over again... and over again
2. news headlines about oil price hike and malaysian politizzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
3. some mofo beat me and stole my money in mobwars@fb
4. My emails
5. Blogs and blogs and blogs
6. perezhilton
7. collegehumor
8. trying to finish a book by jennifer whatsherface

8 things i could listen over and over again:
1. swaggeright - the movement
2. i'm not an addict - k's choice
3. icebox - omarion
4. black - pearl jam
5. hide and seek - imogen heap
6. tak akan ada cinta yang lain - titi dj
7. apologize - one republic
8. please don't stop the music - rihanna

8 things i've notice last year
1. i have nothing
2. nothing nothingggg....
3. if i dont have you...
4. all of my (previous and current)bosses are women and most of them are a total biyatch!
5. you cant please anybody, so please youself
6. i'm a total jackass
7. being a jackass is cool
8. being quiet make you mysterious which make you cool in a james dean kinda way (people say lah)

8 people i tag: (i think they won't play this game but i tag them anyway)
1. nadia
2. jumpingJane
3. amad
4. areej
5. hati batu
6. ina
7. caryn
8. yasmin

Thanks Ikmal for tagging mee...

"Anybody can die of old age. Only real men die of lung cancer."

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~ Unknown

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